If you are suffering from shoulder pain, you could have a significantly reduced quality of life. It often becomes impossible to have a full range of movement and you may find that you are unable to lift everyday objects. Sometimes, the discomfort becomes so bad that it is truly crippling. Hence, you will really need to find a good shoulder pain treatment.

The Causes of Shoulder Pain:

It is vital that you first start to understand where the pain comes from. This is because the right shoulder pain treatment will depend on its cause. Common causes include bursitis, arthritis, shoulder joint dislocation, tendonitis, fractures, and sprains and strains. Hence, it is essential that you are properly diagnosed, particularly if the pain starts to feel chronic.

Forms of Shoulder Pain Treatment:

There are many forms of treatment out there, but exercise is perhaps the most common and effective one. Depending on the cause, you may require professional physical therapy, although some at home exercises may also be sufficient. You should always engage in moderate exercise as well, because this is a form of preventative medicine.

Stretching exercises can be very important in stopping pain. When you stretch, you will ensure your body becomes flexible. A flexible body is less likely to become injured. Meanwhile, aerobic exercise is important because it helps both your tendons and your muscles.

Key Exercises For Treating Shoulder Pain:

1. Working on your rotator cuff. If it has been determined that your rotator cuff is the reason for your pain, then strengthening this is very important. When the cause lies in this part of your body, it is likely that you will feel the pain at the outside or front of your shoulders. You may also experience more pain if your raise your arms and if you lift anything. Furthermore, the pain often becomes worse at night. A good rotator cuff exercise is one in which you tie a piece of rubber tubing to the door, which you then pull with your arms, leaving the rest of your body static.

2. Performing exercises to increase your range of motion. This is very good for your shoulder joints as it strengthens them, while at the same time helping to reduce pain. All you need to do is dangle your arms down and make small circles with them, while you lean on a table, face down. You can move your arms to make the circles smaller or bigger. Be mindful, however, to stop the exercise if you notice any pain during the movement. This is something that a physical therapist should go through with you, and tell you how often you should perform this exercise.

The above are just two of the possible shoulder pain treatment options through exercise. They are both designed, on the one hand, to alleviate pain if you already experience it, or on the other hand, to prevent it from happening at the same time. Keeping physically active is always important when looking for a way to treat shoulder pain.