If you have a sinus infection, or sinusitis, you will know just how debilitating that condition is. It is felt across the head and the nose, causing dizziness, pressure on the sinuses, and quite extreme pain in the forehead. It is important to be aware of the best remedies to treat sinus infections because those who suffer from it have a significantly reduced quality of life. In fact, the condition is sometimes so painful that people find it impossible to walk to their nearest drugstore to find a remedy! Thankfully, the best remedies to treat sinus infections are those that use ingredients and products that most of us have at home, or you simply need to makr a few lifestyle changes. Let’s take a look!

Some of the Best Remedies to Treat Sinus Infections:

  1. Hot packs. Placing a hot pack over the sinuses can relieve significant amounts of pain. This is particularly true for those who experience headaches as a result of sinusitis. Heat helps to relax the muscles and to loosen the congestion.
  2. Cold packs. Although hot packs will make you feel more comfortable, they do not reduce inflammation. Cold packs are needed, which are easy to make by dipping a towel in some cold water with a little bit of salt in it. Place this around the nose, applying gentle amounts of pressure. This can provide almost instant relief.
  3. Steam. Inhaling steam is one of the simplest and oldest ways to treat sinusitis and it is also one of the most effective. Simply put boiling water in a big pot, cover it with a large towel over your head, and inhale the steam. You can also do this by simply standing in the shower. However, when you use the boiling water pot method, you can add some essential oils such as eucalyptus and mint. Do be careful, however, to not use too much and do make sure that the water isn’t too hot.
  4. Exercise. While you may not feel like exercising if you are already suffering from sinusitis, the reality is that it does help to make you drain your sinuses. Furthermore, doing so means that you develop a stronger immune system. If you have been struck down with sinusitis, it is unlikely that you will be able to hit the weights or do a cardio workout for an hour, but perhaps you can go for a brisk walk. You need to try to increase your blood flow, which helps to drain the sinuses.
  5. Drink tomato soup. This is another old and tried and tested method and one that many people swear by. People who have sinusitis and who feel congested find that this can provide a lot of relief. Making the soup is very easy. Simply take two cups of tomato juice, add two tablespoons of lemon juice, and add as much crushed garlic as you like. Mix in a pan and gently bring to a boil. Sip the soup slowly and breathe in the steam for a double positive effect. You would be surprised at just how well this works.