To most people, the bedroom is a sanctuary within their homes, a place that they can escape every day stresses, relax and catch up on much needed rest. If you want your bedroom to have a relaxing atmosphere, then you need the decor to match. Look at your bedroom and consider whether the choices you have made are able transform it into the perfect space for you. Maybe you need a new headboard or bed covers, or the entire space could use a color touch up. Whatever the reason for a change, here is how to make your bedroom a more relaxing space.

1.) Create A Soft, Dreamy Bed

There are few feelings better than sinking down into the warmth and comfort of a luxurious bed that has been freshly made just for you. Clean sheets, soft fluffy pillows and a comforter so cozy it's like resting on a cloud. You can make your own indulgent bed at home with a few investments, such as natural fiber sheets made out of linen and cotton, which are breathable, and soft. Be sure to purchase new pillows every year or two, and if you don't want to purchase a new mattress, a new topper could give your bed some of the comfort it's missing.

2.) Try Sensory Relaxation

If you have a bedside table, then reserve the top portion for sounds, scents and sights that will help you to settle into a beautiful night's sleep. Some of the things that might deserve a spot right next to your bed include delicately scented linen spray, something for playing music (without lyrics), and a lamp that is capable of producing a soft light.

3.) Provide A Place For Pampering

In the same nightstand or bedside table, fill a drawer with the ingredients for a bedtime spa, including balms to smooth your heels, hands, and lips. Throw in a couple of emery boards, some cuticle nippers and nail clippers for manicure maintenance, and add an eye mask with cooling properties to soothe aching eyes after a tough day. You can even choose to keep a microwavable, lavender-scented neck pillow on hand in this same drawer for those evenings when you just need a little bit of extra comfort before you drift off to sleep.

4.) Give Yourself A Seating Area

If you have a big enough bedroom, consider adding a small seating area to it. It may not seem terribly necessary, but if you have a big family, or find that you frequently have guests over to stay, you'll quickly recognize the benefits of having a place specifically used for solitude and comfort. It's also a great way to curl up with a good book before you finally go to bed.

5.) Think About Your Color Scheme

If you are considering giving your bedroom a fresh coat of paint or a new decorative theme on a larger scale, then try not to go too over-the-top with your color choices. Some people opt for brighter shades when they should be choosing softer, natural hues. Remember, if you want a relaxing bedroom, you'll need to choose colors that support a calm atmosphere.