If you suffer from higher than normal levels of uric acid within the blood, which is a condition that is known as hyperuricemia, then you are likely to be experiencing some significant discomfort. This condition can result either from the increased natural production of uric acid in the blood or from the decreased ability of the kidneys to excrete the substance from your body. High levels of uric acid might lead to various issues, including gouty arthritis, renal failure, kidney stones, and more.

Fortunately, aside from the treatments that can be offered to people by a doctor or physician, there are also various home remedies to reduce uric acid that can assist people who are suffering from this condition.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Perhaps the use of apple cider vinegar is the most common of the various home remedies to reduce uric acid. This is a natural product often used to detoxifying and cleansing, and thus, it can help to remove wastes from the body.

2. Lemon Juice

Although it might seem as though lemon juice would work to make your system more acidic, the truth is that it actually creates an alkaline effect in the human system that can help to neutralize uric acid. What’s more, the presence of vitamin C in lemon juice can also assist with lowering uric acid levels.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda, is particularly useful when it comes to getting rid of gout pain and lowering levels of uric acid. This substance helps to maintain the balance of alkaline and acids in the body, and can make uric acid into a soluble form, and therefore easier to remove from the kidneys.

4. Cherries

Dark berries and cherries are brimming with chemicals that can reduce uric acid level. Blue and purple colored berries also contain flavonoids that assist in reducing inflammation and stiffness.

5. Olive Oil

Most vegetable oil can turn into fat when it is processed or heated, which destroys vitamin E within the body. Olive oil does not do this and this means that you can maintain high levels of vitamin E, crucial for minimizing uric acid.

6. Water

Keeping up with hydration and drinking lots of water can help to filter out uric acid, and dilute this substance in the body. What’s more, it can help the kidneys to remove large amounts of uric acid through urine.

7. Low-Purine Diets

Purines are compounds that contain nitrogen which breaks down to become uric acid and increases the levels of this substance within the body. Purines are often found within animal proteins.

8. A High-Fiber Starchy Carbohydrate Diet
Foods that are brimming with high levels of dietary fiber will help to lower levels of uric acid by absorbing uric acid, and then taking this substance along with them when excreted from the body.

9. Dairy Products

Some low fat dairy products are sometimes linked to reduced concentrations of plasma urate that lead to a smaller risk of gout.

10. Wheatgrass Juice

Finally, we have wheatgrass among the home remedies to reduce uric acid. Wheatgrass is great for restoring alkalinity in blood, and it is also rich in substances like chlorophyll, vitamin C, and phytochemicals that lead to detoxification.