While birds can be very beautiful and pleasant to be around, they are also known to cause a lot of problems to farmers, homeowners, and businesses. At the very least, they can be extremely messy and bring damage to the surrounding landscape. This problem is compounded even more when large populations of birds move to a certain area. Some will opt to purchase electronic devices and other gadgets known to repel birds but such devices can be quite pricey and require specialized knowledge to set up. For some it may be easier just to create their own homemade bird deterrents to keep the pesky creatures away.

Before You Start:

Before you start coming up with your own devices for ridding yourself of the birds around you, there is some preparation involved. First, it is important to have a little knowledge about your problem. There are lots of devices you can create at home but they won't work with all types of birds. The type of bird you're dealing with, location, climate, and legal issues all have to be considered before you begin. This will help you to choose the right deterrent for your unique situation.

Wire Netting:

One of the easiest homemade bird deterrents used today is to block their path with chicken wiring. Placing it around places you want to protect can keep birds from getting into those areas enclosed by the chicken wiring. It can be spread over a large area and can last for years. It's effective at keeping out most birds, save for the smaller ones that are able to fit through the holes. They are also rather unsightly and it will take time and money to install them properly.

Garlic Oil:

Placing garlic oil in different places around your garden is another surprisingly easy solution to ridding yourself of nuisance birds. The strong odor of garlic is extremely unpleasant to most birds. Garlic oil is also environmentally friendly, nontoxic, and very affordable. However, it won't last long so you will have to make repeated applications to ensure there is no re-infestation. Another added benefit is that it can also work to repel most insects as well so you'll get an extra level of protection for your troubles.

The Predator Method:

Probably one of the oldest techniques used for homemade bird deterrents that have been around for centuries is the predator method. Once you've learned of the bird's natural enemies, strategically place plastic objects in the area you want the birds to avoid can be very effective. Birds naturally fear snakes, or other predatory birds so one sight of these creatures and they stay far away. The problem with this method is that you will have to move the objects frequently to make sure the birds don't figure out that those are not real predators.

There are many things around your home that can help you to rid yourself of nuisance birds. Many of these homemade devices are extremely affordable, easy to implement and very effective. While there are always services that can provide you with other ways to eliminate your bird problem why not try those more cost effective approaches first that way you can save your hard earned money for something you will enjoy even more.