Managing the bird population around your property may not be an easy task. You may look up on any given day and find all sorts of birds have decided to make their home and settle in comfortably around your roof, in your garden, or at your place of work. Despite the fact that many of them are very small and not in the least bit threatening they can still wreak havoc on your property causing a lot of damage. Feathers clog your gutters and downpipes, droppings leave a corrosive residue that can damage paint and finishings, and the claws can leave scratch marks that can tarnish the look of your ledges and shingles.

Finding a humane way to get rid of these can be a challenge but many have found that using an ultrasonic bird repellent can deter them from setting up housekeeping where you don't want them. They are easy to install and are highly effective. The sounds they emit are not heard by humans but can be very irritating to many species of birds.

Where Can They Be Used?

Ultrasonic devices are perfect for those areas where silence is preferred. If you have a bird on your property that tends to make annoying noises disrupting your sleep or interrupting your life in someway, this might be the perfect solution for you. These devices are more effective in enclosed areas where the sound waves can literally bounce off the walls or ceilings. Birds that may get into a warehouse, or under walkways and awnings, near schools and hospitals, or even on balconies and porches will be confused and disoriented and will make their escape from the area as soon as they can.

How Does It Work?

The ultrasonic bird repellent is designed to emit high-frequency sound waves that are at a level that humans cannot hear. It will not harm the birds in any way but they will feel the pressure of the waves emitted from the device. The discomfort they experience is because the sound waves interfere with their ability to detect the earth's magnetic field causing them to lose their sense of direction. The experience can be so unpleasant that they will avoid the area for quite a while after having such an episode.

Since birds' hearing is often on the same level as humans it is unclear if they are actually 'hearing' the ultrasound or they are 'feeling' the pressure it causes in their ears but the results are evident. It is important to understand that like all other bird deterrents, the ultrasonic bird repellent does not work on all species of birds. If you're interested in trying this type of device, it is best to consult with a bird control professional to make sure that your bird nuisance will be solved to your satisfaction. If not, there are quite a few other humane options for discouraging birds to try that will be equally as effective in getting rid of your fine feathered nuisance from your property.