When it comes to caring for your home, there are a number of tools and devices which can be used to make your job easier. Carpet cleaning machines are among the top household cleaning appliances which are often overlooked, but can be highly convenient to own.

Unlike your vacuum which sucks up dust and debris from the floor and rugs, the shampooer works to get deep grime, stains, and odors out of the fabric without destroying the fibers. Certain rugs require special attention, specific products, and careful cleaning. Always check the label, or ask before purchasing a rug, what is the best way to care for it.

Using The Device

Standard carpet cleaning machines work by pouring water into a containment unit on the device. Another area is available for loading soap or detergent. Different machines will have different settings, such as quick clean mode, steaming, or deep clean mode. The amount of soap and water released will depend on these modes, and how long you hold the device over a particular patch of the rug.

Like a vacuum, the carpet cleaner is pushed back and forth to cover the entire carpet, not sitting in any one place for too long, but not moving to quickly either. Once the floors have been washed, they will need to dry before you resume standard living practices.

For Wall To Wall Carpets

If you live in a home with wall to wall carpeting, owning a carpet cleaning machine can go a long way toward a clean and fresh home. Many people don't realize how absorbent these materials can be. You walk on them day after day, the pets lie down on them, the children play on them, and much of the debris gets sucked up and lost in the fibers. Even the best vacuum on the market will fail to remove 100% of the dirt in your carpet, which is when these machines really shine.

Most professionals will tell you to start at the top of your home and work your way down. This will prevent dust and debris from falling down onto clean carpets from stairwells, or from getting tracked down from upstairs after you finish.

Cost And Value

Some people prefer to rent carpet cleaning machines, and can do so for a day or week at a time. If you have many carpets or rugs in your home, it might be a good idea to invest in owning one. The devices can be purchased new for as little as $100, although the average machine can cost up to $400.

Buying used shampooers is also acceptable, but be sure to check that the parts are all in working order, and clean out remaining products and water before trying it on your own floors. Leftover dirt, soap residue, and other buildup could come out and stain your rugs rather than wash them.

If you plan on washing your rugs more than three times a year, carpet cleaning machines can be very beneficial and provide a cost effective way to keep your floors looking new.