Any man or woman in love can appreciate the romantic day that is devoted to St. Valentine. Valentine's Day traditionally means chocolates, candlelit dinners, and of course, flowers. With all of these bouquets being traded annually, the meaning behind these blooms can be lost, and that can make it difficult to make a selection.

1.) Classic Roses

The first choice for most Valentine's Day enthusiasts are red roses, which symbolize love, beauty and perfection, and are an icon of romance. Of course, this also makes the rose one of the more expensive flower choices, and also means there is a higher rating of supply versus demand, which can be a problem at this time of year. If you want to impress your special someone, a dozen red roses will usually do the trick, but if you want something a little different, read on.

2.) Carnations Bouquet

Carnations are sometimes snubbed for being a cheap flower, and while it's true that they aren't nearly as costly as the delicate rose, these blooms are ruffled and come in a variety of beautiful romantic colors. They represent new love and the fascination that comes along with it. One reason that carnations can make a better choice than roses is their affinity to live longer, and leave you with a happy and healthy bouquet long after the Valentine rush is over.

3.) Lilies

There are many types of lilies to choose from, but the gorgeous Alstroemeria or Peruvian lily is another flower with a long life span. It has colorful petals that stand out and grab your attention, and they represent devotion and friendship. These are one of the easier bouquets to find in grocery stores and florists alike, making it simple to grab a dozen in a rush.

4.) Orchids

Orchids are a rarer than the above-mentioned beauties and they stand for strength, love, beauty, and luxury, which make them a rich and vibrant flower for the Valentine Day shopper. These flowers will live quite a while and can be given in a pot rather than a bouquet which adds a little something extra to the selection.

5.) Daisies

Forever overlooked as a wild flower, daisies come in many colors and sizes, but perhaps one of the most beautiful is the Gerbera which can be recognized by their bright orange and yellow hues and large flowering petals. They stand for innocence, purity, and beauty, and make a wonderful bouquet for that special someone who symbolizes these same things in your life. These are an especially good flower to give to a nature lover, because they tend to hold a unique appreciation for the natural beauty found in the world, rather than aiming for the highest priced flower in the basket.

Whether you're shopping for a wife, husband, girlfriend, friend, or even your mother, these flowers all make excellent choices based on what they symbolize and how beautifully they display in a bouquet. Don't be afraid to get creative and mix different flowers together to create something meaningful and unique.