It isn't just adults who love to get outside when the weather turns sunny and warm; kids love spending time on the deck with friends and family. Outdoor patio furniture for children provides the perfect way to let your kids feel like part of the family, and create a welcoming patio experience for everybody who visits your home.

From conveniently small chairs, to perfect tea party tables, the selection of kid-friendly furnishings has definitely grown over the past few decades. Parents now have the ability to select pieces which match existing adult fixtures on the patio, or purchase products which are unique and create their own distinct outdoor theme.

Plenty Of Selection

From toddler to pre-teen, there is an abundance of outdoor furniture for children to be found. Picnic tables, table and chair sets, covered loungers, sand and water play tables, and even toy boxes are designed specifically for backyard play which can be made to look like they belong with your adult patio set. Some families enjoy a unified theme throughout all furnishings, while others are happy to separate children and adult areas on the deck.

Chairs and tables for kids can be purchased in the same wood, wicker, and metal finishes, although plastic is a popular material for these products due to its easy care and weatherproofing. You will also notice that unlike the standard patio lounger, those designed with youngsters in mind have a large selection of licensed brands to choose from. Cartoon characters and themed products such as pirate ship couches and fairy princess tea party sets can be very popular.

Making Things Fun

If the products you select aren't themed, but you want them to be, you can still dress up outdoor furniture for children with your own creativity. Decide on a particular look you wish to convey, and shop for items which can help you best display them. For example, if your daughter loves flowers, a plastic vase with flower, floral print chair cushions, floral placemats, and a tea set with flowers on cups and kettle can help fulfill her design dreams. Some parents may choose to sand and paint the tops of tables with chalkboard paint to create a dual use play area for the kids. The options are endless.

Care And Upkeep

As mentioned above, something that is important to consider when buying outdoor furniture for children is the care and upkeep required. Heavy duty polyethylene is often used for its durability and waterproofing. Children can spill, tip, or play rough with these pieces, without parents worrying that they will get ruined. Some families prefer to stick to wooden chairs and tables for kids, in the hopes of matching furniture to their own. This can be just as safe, but you may need to take a few preventative steps to keep stains away. Make sure that all outdoor furnishings are properly sealed and protected. Smaller items can be kept in a shed, or brought in during the winter and stored to keep them new for next summer. On rainy days, a tarp will do just fine to keep water off of everything.