There’s no question that buying antiques is big business. There is a mystical attraction that draws large numbers of people to the idea of connecting with their past through touching and using the very things that were once used in the past. The problem with this, however, is that anything that is as popular as antiques are, will inevitably be reproduced with fakes being passed off as the real thing. If you’re planning on investing in antique vintage bedroom furniture then you better be prepared to do your homework.

Look for Signs of Aging

Antiques have been around for a very long time so you should logically expect to see some signs of wear and tear. Even a quality piece will not hold together perfectly for many years without some damage. In a genuine antique piece, you’ll see signs of its age in the seams or separation at some point on the piece. You should also look for a few black marks or rings that show signs of water damage at some point in time. And while dings and nicks are quite commonly found on antiques, look at them closely to make sure they weren’t created by a drill or modern tool of some kind. Remember, every antique piece is distinctly unique so if you find two pieces exactly the same, it’s not a genuine antique.

Look for Imperfections

Another indication in true antique vintage bedroom furniture is the slight imperfections found in its construction. Don’t just stop at examining the exterior surface but turn it over and check out the undersides and the interior for these inconsistencies. In a dresser, for example, check the runners for the drawers for clear sights of wear and tear. Antique drawers will have been opened and closed hundreds upon hundreds of times. It is impossible to find a true antique that does not have signs of wear and tear in those areas.

Check the Finish

Finally, you want to check the finish of the furniture. Antiques that still have their original finish will be valued at a much higher price than any refinished pieces. You’ll be able to see this by looking at the furniture’s underside for the more obvious signs of drips and runs, which usually mean that the antique has been redone. Furniture that has been re-stained will show different color drippings than those that still have their original finish.

Looking at antique vintage bedroom furniture can be quite fun and exciting. But you still need to be extremely cautious so as not to be taken in by just a good sales pitch. Finding a true antique can be a rare find that can really enhance the quality of your home but it does take doing a little research to make sure you’re getting what you paid for. If you are in doubt at all, don’t hesitate to get a professional appraiser to evaluate the piece before you make the purchase. If it turns out to be a reproduction or a replica of the real thing, the amount paid to the appraiser can be considered to be money well spent.