The patio is like the outdoor family room; it is a place where you can relax, soak in some sun, or even socialize with friends and family. If you have a well-designed patio, then you’ll spend a lot of time there, but if your patio furniture is just thrown together, you won’t appreciate all of the wonderful experiences you could have. So, when you find clearance patio furniture sets on sale, stop and think about what that can mean for you. Below are some tips and pointers to keep in mind when you are looking to purchase clearance patio furniture sets.

Decide On Function:

One of the first things you want to do is decide what kind of life you want on your patio. This will help you decide if a certain patio set is for you. Make a list of all the different activities you want to do in your outdoor space and use that as a guide as you shop through the many websites or shops where you can find patio furniture.

Try It Out:

Buying furniture is no time to be shy. You want your patio furniture to be comfortable and fun. So, don’t be afraid to sit down in the chairs, stretch out your legs and test the waters. Remember, patio furniture that are comfortable to use and easy to maintain are furniture that will get to be used more.


If you live in an area where the seasons tend to be extreme, look for clearance patio furniture sets that can be easily stored away. Check to see if it can be folded, stashed, stacked, or moved. Heavy metal furniture may be beautiful to look at but it can be extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver, stack, or stash away when not in use.


No doubt, even though you’re getting a bargain you’ll still need to look for quality. Finding something that is only cheap often means poor quality. You may be able to find plastic chairs and tables but they won’t last as long as teak or wrought iron will. There is a certain amount of convenience in being able to stash them away quickly and easily but you’ll be shopping for replacements inside of a year or less.

Dual Purpose Pieces:

Finally, look for pieces that will provide double duty when you’re entertaining. Look for pieces with hidden storage spaces inside or underneath so that you can stash away anything you would only use on the patio. For instance, look for a table that can stand alone and still be stylish or an ottoman that has a removable lid and lots of storage space inside. This will make for a perfect way to keep all of your outdoor things in a single place so when you’re ready to entertain you’ll won’t have to go searching for it.

Finding a good deal on clearance patio furniture sets can be exciting but make sure that you’re getting the deal they promised. Look for furniture that are not only beautiful to look at but have the quality to endure the elements Mother Nature will throw at them and are functional enough to make your life easy when you’re ready to use them.