It is easy enough to find out where to find homes for sale. In fact, there are lots of places that you can look for. Let’s review some of the where to find homes for sale sources.

Where to Find Homes for Sale:

  1. The internet. Almost everything is online nowadays, and the internet is a fantastic resource for those looking for a home. According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors), around 80% of people now search for homes online. The internet offers convenience, because it means people can search in any location. Additionally, it makes it easier to filter the results and take a good look at the inside and outside of properties even before actually visiting them.
  2. Brokers and agents. Professionals like these can sell around 90% of the homes they represent. They work with the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), building their own portfolio of properties. They also have a lot of knowledge and advice to give.
  3. Magazines and newspapers. There tend to be full property pages in these sources, where numerous homes can be listed. Plus, these newspapers and magazines are also available online, which means you can actually do a double search. However, there is a chance that properties listed there have already been sold.
  4. Probate and estate attorneys. If you notice that there is a property that seems to be uninhabited, it is possible that the previous owner has passed away. Contacting lawyers through the probate court is also an opportunity to find homes.
  5. Driving around. If there is a neighborhood that you like and would like to live in, there is nothing wrong with simply driving around and seeing what is there. It will give you a better feel for the neighborhood as well, which is why it is actually recommended to do this. Make sure you do it at different times during the day, so you get an idea of what the area really is like.
  6. Open houses. Many people who want to sell their homes, as well as realtors, have regular open houses. This is a chance to walk around the property and speak to agents about what the house has to offer. However, it is very common for an offer to be made and accepted after an open house, so you may be slightly more pressured to make an offer quickly if the property is right for you.
  7. Business associates, family, and friends. You never know if someone you know in person might be selling their home. People would prefer to transact without realtors because doing so means saving on both time and money. Not just that but people you know may have also seen properties that could be of interest to you.
  8. The HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development). They have list of foreclosed properties and properties up for auction available. Specialized agencies then handle these properties, and you can find out which ones they are and when the auctions are online.