Today, cooking has become more of an art-form than simply a household chore. With more electronic appliances appearing on store shelves than ever before, each boasting of a significant selection of helpful functions, a modern kitchen can potentially be a hub of beauty and productivity. Some of the machines designed for your kitchen are masterpieces that nobody should have to do without. These are the five must-have appliances.

1.) Water Purifier

Water purifiers remove the germs and imperfections most commonly present in water to make it safe to drink. Different purifiers will use different methods for the process, so it's a good idea to make sure you look around at your options before you purchase. Measure the space that you have for a water purifier before you buy it, and look for companies that offer a good after sale service. A purifier that has high performance and low maintenance is usually the best option.

2.) Blender

Hand-held electronic blenders are perfect to grind, blend and mix foods. A good tip is to search for an appliance that promises low maintenance and easy-to-clean functions. There should also be a long cord so that you don't have to struggle to move around the kitchen. If you want to mix batters and shakes, then a good hand-held blender can work perfectly, and most people find it to be more convenient than a mixer.

3.) Food Processor

A food processor is similar to a blender, but it often comes with multiple attachments and blades that allow you to do a number of things, such as shredding, chopping, grating and mincing. Unlike regular mixers, a processor shouldn't require any liquid to prepare your food. Look into the number and size of blades offered before you buy, and the material the appliance is made from, as this will give you a good insight into the quality that you can expect. Once more, the machine you choose should be easy to maintain and clean.

4.) Refrigerator

A fridge is a necessary part of any kitchen. You and your family will struggle to survive very long without a good refrigerator on hand to keep uncooked and cooked food fresh and intact. The capacity to look for with your fridge will depend on the size of your kitchen, the number of people living in your house and what you plan to use it for. Generally the size of a fridge will have a direct impact on its price, and the more space you want, the more you will have to pay. It can be a good idea to purchase a fridge that allows for additional space with adjustable shelves. Also, try to purchase a fridge that also has a freezer for you to segregate different foods for storage.

5.) Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are the easy way to heat cooked food, however newer versions are also capable of baking and cooking from scratch themselves. When you're buying a new microwave oven, look at wattage and oven size, and make sure the interface is easy enough for you to understand. Remember, an automatic turntable generally makes heating quicker.