If you have a small home, arranging furniture in a way that makes the most of your space without seeming cramped can be a challenge. Ideally, you want to arrange furniture so your space is functional, comfortable, and looks larger than it really is. Interior designers have some tricks that can help you. Here are some great tips for arranging furniture in a small space.

1.) Use Smaller Furniture.

If you still have an enormous sectional from a previous home, there may be no good way to fit it into a smaller space. You'll be more successful when you are arranging furniture that fits the scale of your space. Look for smaller sofas, and find chairs with a smaller footprint. This will free up space in your room, making it feel more open.

2.) Think About Visual Weight.

In addition to the physical size of your furniture, you also need to consider its visual weight. Some tips for arranging furniture by visual weight are that dark, boxy furniture seems the heaviest. It has a massive visual presence, and seems to take up more space. Furniture that is lighter colored has less visual weight. So does furniture with long legs, because it lets you see through to what's behind it, opening up the space. Glass top tables also have little visual weight because you can see through them. Using furniture that is visually lightweight makes your space feel more open.

3.) Make Clear Traffic Paths.

If you have to squeeze between the coffee table and the sofa every time you walk through the living room, it will seem crowded and cramped. When you are deciding how to arrange furniture, make sure to plan an easy traffic path that goes around the main conversation area, rather than through it.

4.) Add A Window Seat.

You can add extra seating to a room without using much floor space at all when you put in a window seat. A window seat can also draw your eye to the window and then outside, which opens up the space visually even more. Window seats also tend to have great light for reading and writing.

5) Try Coffee Table Alternatives.

Rather than having a standard coffee table, there are some innovative alternatives that can make the most of a small space. One idea is to use a large ottoman. Depending on what you are doing, you can put your feet up on it, or place a tray on top to give you a flat surface for drinks and snacks. Another idea is to use a narrow bench as a coffee table. That takes up little space, and can double as additional seating if needed.

6.) Build In Some Storage.

Bookcases and cabinets can take up a significant amount of space in a small room, and they tend to feel imposing and heavy, too. You can free up some space by building in storage. Putting shelves into the wall between the wall studs is an excellent way to make use of unused space. There are many other options for built-in storage compartments that can keep things out of sight, giving your room a clean look.