It's no surprise that gazebos have gained in popularity in today's society. They offer a fantastic opportunity for families and individuals to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in all weathers, and screened gazebos even allow you to avoid the annoyance of creepy crawly insects. Building your own gazebo may seem like quite a challenge, but with gazebo how to build plans, more people than ever are finding out how to construct their own outdoor paradise and save money at the same time.

Start with Building the Walls:

The first step in constructing your gazebo is building the posts that will make up the walls. This simply means setting up four sturdy posts at each corner as presented in your "gazebo how to build plans". Start off by marking a square on the ground where you want your gazebo to be located and then dig holes for the posts – using cement to anchor them into the ground.

Use a further six beams to brace the three sides of the gazebo that will be closed. These beams should be two to each side and perpendicular to the posts, secured with large bolts throughout the center of each beam. Next, salvage whatever wood you have left and some glass windows and fit them into the center of each of your three walls – marking out the width as you go. From there, you should be able to develop a frame for windows which can be nailed securely into position. Remember that each nail should stick out by about a quarter of an inch, and you can seal your windows off with glue or caulk if you want to. Finally, cut out the upper beams to join up the top of your posts. These will be used to help start a foundation for where your gazebo roof will be.

Build The Gazebo Roof:

The next step you are likely to come across in your gazebo how to build plans is constructing the roof. You'll need about five 4×4 beams which you should cut a 45 degree angle into one of each ends. If you attach everything properly, you should find that everything fits together in the shape of a standard roof, which you can then attach into place using your roof beams. Remember that the bolts you put into the gazebo should be around an inch apart, and not too long, as you want to them to go into your posts, but not through the other side.

If you want to add a touch of something extra to your roof, you could choose to insert additional windows into the triangles of the roof. These will obviously be smaller than the windows in the walls, but can be constructed in the same way – using the addition of a top frame first.

Add Your Finishing Touches:

Once the frame for your gazebo is completed, it'll be time to add a roof covering to keep you defended against the elements. You can use fiberglass or corrugated aluminum which you have carefully cut to size and secured to the boards with nails. Some people also choose to paint and decorate the exposed wood of their gazebo to give it that final personal feel.