When it comes to renting a home that suits the needs of a large family, coming across 4 bedroom houses for rent by owner can seem like a stroke of luck. There are many benefits to dealing directly with the owner, and most four bedroom houses are designed to suit the needs of large families in more than just sleeping quarters.

How to Find Them:

Of course, there are always the traditional methods of searching for 4 bedroom houses for rent by owner through newspapers or a local realtor, but the easiest way to do this task is through online search tools. Local real estate listing pages may only list houses for sale, but large scale agencies and websites list it all, and make it easy to search by category and quality. Sometimes it is as simple as checking off the boxes for your search, from number of beds and baths, to a two car garage, waterfront access, or sale by owner.

What to Be Wary Of:

When considering 4 bedroom houses for rent by owner it is important to read the fine print. Most homeowners renting to the public are just normal honest people looking to make a little extra money off of space which is not in use. But everybody can make a mistake, and you don't want to wind up with a lemon and a year long lease.

Check the bedroom status on each room. If you have three kids and need every available bedroom for a comfortable household, then you want to be sure that there are actually four, and not just three and a den. A bedroom is required to have windows, this makes it easily escapable in the event of a fire. A den can be outfitted to become a bedroom, but if there are no windows as of yet, it may not be the best place for your son or daughter to sleep.

The location of the four bedrooms is also important. Some large homes have an in-law suite in the basement or through an adjoining building. Many families prefer to keep everybody together under one roof, and possibly, on one floor. To avoid pitfalls posed by 4 bedroom houses for rent by owner, don't be afraid to ask questions.

Perks of Dealing with The Owner:

A realtor can be a big help when renting a new home, but there are some definitely advantages to working directly with the homeowner. For example, some homeowners are open to haggling when it comes to the price. You may be able to save fifty to a hundred dollars on your monthly bill if you play your hand right.

Dealing directly with a homeowner, rather than a large rental agency, means that you can also make requests in the form of updates, renovations, and pet regulations. It's easier to explain that your kids own a rabbit, and that it rarely leaves the crate, rather than marking on a sheet that you have a small to medium size pet and waiting to be rejected because the agency assumes it is a dog.

Take your time when searching for 4 bedroom houses for rent by owner, and write anything off until you've had a chance to visit it in person and speak to the owner. You never know what hidden treasures are available right in your own neighborhood.