If you’re wondering where to find mobile home values, perhaps the simplest answer will be “online”. As you may already know, the growth of the internet and the online world has made it easier than ever for us to find useful information within nothing more than a couple of clicks. Ideally, you’ll need to look for the “book value” of your mobile home, which should be recorded in standard directories for recreational vehicles.

Of course, there are alternative options available to finding your mobile home values too. For instance, you could always do some research into whether your vehicle has any additional elements that might make it more appealing to collectors, or hire an appraiser to give you a complete run down of the cost that you could charge for your used mobile home.

Finding the Blue Book Online:

Ultimately, the easiest option to choose when it comes to where to find mobile home values, involves simply finding the Blue Book online. In the United States, recreational vehicles, trucks, and cars are all appraised according to the Blue Book standard, or the “NADA” guide for manufactured housing. You can either find a copy of this guide in a local library, or you could request a download online.
Once you’ve got a copy of the Blue Book, you’ll be able to look for your specific type of manufactured home, following the step-by-step information available to calculate the total retail value of your chosen RV. The calculation that you make will depend on a number of different factors, including the overall condition of your mobile home.

Visit the Website for NADA Instead:

If you’re struggling to get a download, or you can’t find a copy of the Blue Book in your local library that has the most up-to-date figures available for your RV, then another option for where to find mobile home values may involve simply going to the NADA website. You can submit a request for a value report on your vehicle at the NADA website.

One important thing to keep in mind here is that the NADA organization does charge for a basic home value report. You will need to use the basic option if there are no unique features on your mobile home, but if you have made any additions, you will need to pay a little extra.

The NADA website will request that you provide a collection of information about when your mobile home was made, who the manufacturer is, and what is size of the RV. Additionally, you’ll find that the overall value offered for your RV will change according to the condition of the home, and the presence of additional features like hardwood floors, and special countertops.

Alternative Options for Where to Find Mobile Home Values:

If you’ve had little luck with the Blue Book, and you’re still wondering where to find mobile home values, then you could always try hiring an appraiser instead. This often the best option for those who have specialized RV that need the eyes of a professional to help them understand how much their mobile home is worth. Of course, you will need to pay to hire a professional appraiser.