The new health insurance reform is commonly discussed and now enacted upon especially in the United States. It is a policy formulated by the government on the delivery of health care to it's citizens. This reform focuses on widening its scope and coverage in terms of the number of people who can benefit from either the private or public insurance agencies.

Basically the health insurance reform is like killing two birds with one stone. Why, you might ask? This reform benefits the people, yet also controls the insurance firms rates.

For instance, this reform removes unnecessary practices that insurance companies observe, like assessment and loading of premiums, policies, and terms regarding acquiring specific plans that include the current health status as a requirement, and many others. These reforms simply put things into order in such a way that the poorest among the poor can still obtain the quality health care services they deserve.

Aside from that it also looks after magnifying it's coverage of health care services to be delivered to its patrons, thus promoting access on good quality of health care services rendered by specialists. This health insurance reform will enable the cost of the health care services to be reduced, thus imply health care can be acquired and can be afforded by people from different walks of life.

Based on statistics, it has been observed that millions of people will soon be in the age of retirement. This group is referred to as the Baby Boomers. This implies that since millions of people will be getting older, there is a need for them to be health insured to make sure that they will have the best health care services they need. With this new health reform, the government will be able to oversee and control the costs allocated for health care services, especially to the Baby Boomers.

According to an expert, this reform answers to the problems of wasted investments, frauds, and abuses of insurance companies in Medicare and Medicaid. The wasted investments refer to giving unnecessary health care to some individuals and the breakdown of coordination of care. Thus, laws and policies are made and pursued to come up with affordable insurance plans, which can help a lot of people in the country.

Based on personal opinions from different individuals on this health insurance reform, it was found out that most are favorable on this subject. Although, there are some who are content with the previous insurance plans that they have prior to this health reform, the majority are for it. The ones that aren't in favor of it provide reasoning that this reform may not be able to answer the health care needs of society because of it's low cost. There may be some stipulation that has to be considered but it will also be fair enough if the new reform were given a chance to be implemented for the welfare of those who cannot afford health insurance.

What are your thoughts on the Health Insurance Reform?