Dressing for a job interview is the first opportunity a potential employee has to make a first impression on their potential employer. The image someone presents is the first thing the employer will notice about them, even before they have the opportunity to shake hands or speak a word. The best first impression can be made by separating the social image from the professional image.

There are a number of things that can be placed on the list of what not to wear to a job interview. They should not wear sneakers or flip-flops, and there should be no clothes that reveal underwear. Also, it's not a good idea to wear shorts, jeans, short skirts, tight pants, or blouses that show cleavage or are cut too short.

Potential employees should walk into an interview with the appropriate suit or outfit for the career industry they are trying to obtain a job in. Classic clothes work best and a potential employee should avoid trendy outfits. It may be helpful for the individual to go out and purchase a few separate suit pieces, in the event they are brought back in for a second interview.

The color of the clothing should be basic and neutral, such as black, white, gray or tan. Prints are fine but they should not be loud or overwhelming. A simple print will do. Also, those walking into an interview should not be wearing a perfume or cologne that is overpowering. Even if the individual smells good, too much smell can be a big issue. One never knows if the interviewer is allergic to certain scents.

In regards to any jewelry the person seeking a job should wear, keeping it simple is best. Choose pieces that are not too overwhelming, avoiding any chunky pieces of jewelry that may overwhelm the outfit. A piece of jewelry is nice when it compliments the outfit, but wearing something that is uncomfortable can also be distracting to both the potential employee and the interviewer.

As far as pantyhose go, women should always wear pantyhose. Even if it's during the hot summer months, pantyhose give the outfit a more polished look. If the potential employee has piercings and tattoos, they should seriously consider covering those tattoos and piercings before the interview. However, they need to make note of the rules regarding tattoos and piercings. Some employers forbid it outright, which can be difficult for individuals who may have tattoos located in a place that is difficult to cover. For those with piercings, they may need to resign to the fact that they'll have to remove the jewelry if they are offered the job.

An individual that is interviewing for a job should not wear something that does not reflect their personality. While they want to keep the outfit simple and classic, they should feel comfortable in their outfit as well, and that's probably the biggest piece of advice to keep in mind. Feeling confident, comfortable, and fully ready to take on the interview is the best approach one can take.