A lot of people are starting to think that applying for jobs posted online is a waste of time. It is certainly true that some of the jobs posted today aren’t genuine vacancies. Often, they are posted because businesses have a legal requirement to advertise their vacancy although they have already found a person for that particular position. At other times, they are advertisements by recruitment agencies who are really just looking for new resumes to add to their books. And the reality is also that the genuine jobs that have been posted attract so much attention that your chance of of standing out among the competition and actually getting the job is actually very little. However, the reality is that they are still not a waste of time. It is simply requires doing some research and getting the most out of application process.

Recognizing Genuine Posted Jobs:

There are numerous job boards out there today, and the good ones will allow you to post your resume and create an account for yourself that highlights the good things about you. This means that, once you are registered, you have an opportunity to apply very quickly, and be in with a chance of getting that job. However, speed isn’t really the issue here. Rather, it is about recognizing which jobs are genuine and then setting yourself apart and boosting your chance of getting the job.

How to Recognize a Real Job:

If you see a position posted, you need to find out which company is offering it. You then need to go outside of the online application system and contact the company directly to find out whether the position is still available. One way to do that, and to therefore make sure the position hasn’t already been filled, is by asking when the interview rounds are scheduled. To do this takes only a few minutes, and will ensure that you only spend time applying for positions that are actually genuine. It will also stop you from getting your hopes up just because you see something interesting online.

Standing Out Among the Crowd:

Once you have found a position that is actually available, you need to make sure that your application stands out. The original round of applications is a tick box exercise. The employer has a list of essential and desirable criteria, and they will read through your information only to determine how many of those you meet. Hence, make sure that you write your cover letter in such a way that it approaches how you meet each of those criteria one by one.

Once you have done this in a draft, you need to write your application in such a way that it also looks interesting. You need to use proper language, avoid any spelling and grammatical errors, and write your text in an easy to read manner. Make sure, as well, that you demonstrate how your experience applies to that particular company. This is the best way to make sure that you get to the round of interviews for some of those jobs posted today.