Obtaining a Wells Fargo checking account is as simple as logging onto their website, or walking into a bank and speaking to a representative. The process doesn't take long and requires the submission of information followed by the customization of the account. Individuals interested in a checking account must have a Social Security number, a valid driver's license or other identification card and an opening deposit of $25.00 to $50.00.

Accounts can be for individual or joint use with a partner and there are several different banking options to choose from including the everyday, preferred, or PMA account types. Wells Fargo also offers student and teen accounts to younger clients who wish to begin handling their finances properly.

Everyday Checking:

The Everyday Wells Fargo Checking Account is the most basic package, offering clients everything necessary for standard everyday use. This type of account requires a minimum deposit of $50.00. The monthly service fee is $10.00 which is waived for clients with a balance of $1,500 or for those who have direct deposits regularly of $500 or more. If you are between the ages of 17 and 24, you can gain access to a discounted rate of $5.00 per month.

Clients using this account type are entitled to the same free online banking as other package holders and can use automatic transfers between checking and savings accounts for money management. For those who don't plan on using their checking account in relation to investments, this package is usually the best option.

Preferred Checking:

The Preferred Checking package differs from the Everyday plan in a few ways but the most important is that this account type earns interest. A secondary feature which creates the potential for a superior account over Everyday is that the Preferred plan includes a bundled savings account.

The minimum deposit necessary for this account is $50.00 for checking and $25.00 for savings. The monthly fee is $15.00 for clients using paper billing and $13.00 for those who invest in online billing. Clients who link a Wells Fargo Mortgage account or hold a balance of $10,000 are excused from the monthly fee.

PMA Package:

This premier Wells Fargo Checking Account is another interest earning account. Clients who use this package are entitled to an interest of 0.01% on balances from 0 to $4,999.99 and an interest of 0.05% on balances which are $5,000 or more. This account requires a minimum opening deposit of $50.00 and charges a monthly rate of $30.00.

Wells Fargo suggests that clients with larger balances utilize this plan to reap the most banking benefits. It allows individuals to forego monthly charges by holding a balance of $25,000 or more. It also supplies brokerage benefits so that clients can transfer funds between checking accounts and investments without hassle.

Individuals hoping to open an account through Wells Fargo can read about individual plans and compare them with a convenient online tool found on the bank website. On site representatives can also supply this information and assist potential clients in deciding on which checking account options are best suited to their financial standing and banking needs.