Grocery shopping can be the most expensive part of the week. Between wanting to keep everyone in your family healthy, to making sure that everyone is happy with the food in your home, the grocery bill seems to grow each year. Americans report that they spend an average of $151 on food per week, and one in ten Americans say that that spend $300 a week on average. With a high price on food, people need to know how to save as much money as they can. Coupons are becoming more and more accessible, and easier to use at the store than ever before, making them the perfect choice to save on food.

Getting coupons is easier than ever before. Although many great coupons still come in a store’s flyer in the newspaper, you can also print off your own from home. You can go to your favorite store’s website and go to to their coupon page. You can alert the site of which stores are closest to you, or the one you prefer to shop at. This way the site can let you know about the sales that are already happening at that particular store. You can also search for which items you are planning on getting at the store, and seeing specifically if that item, or items similar to it, have a coupon.

One of the easiest parts of this process is that you can simply print these coupons at home. This way, if you do not receive a newspaper or flyers in the mail, you can still take advantage of the coupons the stores are offering. Many grocery stores offer loyalty cards that give you special pricing of certain items in the store for people who carry these cards. Instead of printing out the coupons, you can load these coupons onto your loyalty card by putting in the card number or your telephone number. That way, you don’t have to carry coupons around the store anymore, and they are in one, convenient location.

There are also many websites that offer manufacturer coupons. These websites are good to look at because your store may not always be offering coupons for a certain item. These websites include:,,, and many others. Check all the websites for the items you want to save on, because one website may be offering a better deal than the other.

It is important to call your store and see if they will accept competitors coupons. It is common that a store close in proximity to your store, or any competing store, tries to top the deals that your store is currently promoting. If they are offering a coupon on the same item your store is offering you a coupon for, but their coupon is better, often times stores will take competitors coupons to even their odds. Also, ask your store if they allow you to double or triple a coupon. Some stores allow you to have two or three coupons for the same item, giving you an even bigger savings. Make sure to verify before bringing the coupons into the store.