Coupons are always helpful for people who are trying to save money on things that they buy on a constant basis. In an age where newspapers are becoming a thing of the past, many people are looking online as their source for coupons. Luckily for dedicated coupon hunters, there are a lot of different websites that provide printable coupons for free. You can start saving money from the comfort of your own home by simply clicking the print button, making clipping coupons a thing of the past. The following five websites are easy to use, and they give you a great amount of coupons for the things that you use every day, making sure that you will not break the bank on your next trip to the store.


When you first go onto, you will be greeted with a home page full of coupons that are for the most popular items. When you scroll down the page, you simply click on the coupon that you want, and it will be added to the print coupons section of the page. This means that all of the coupons will be saved for you until you are ready to print, much like a shopping cart when you are doing online shopping. It also tells you which coupons you have already ‘clipped,’ that way you do not have the same coupons twice. You can also browse coupons by category, like entertainment, household, pet care and more. They also show you how many coupons they have available for each category.


This site is great because it sends you an e-mail to remind you that you have a lot of savings just waiting for you. Like, you simply click on the coupon, and it will be waiting for you when you are ready to print. You are also able to put in your zip code in order to find coupons for your area. You can search by popular categories and popular brands, whichever you prefer. They also have an option on the right side of the website for free milk coupons, laundry detergent coupons, toilet paper coupons, and much more.


Much like the previous two websites, you are able to click coupons and they will be ready to print when you are. On the front page, you will see how much money you are able to save with the available coupons, as well as how many coupons are available to you. You also have the option to ‘clip all’ of the coupons that are available to you. Each coupon gives you information on if there are any reasons you cannot use a coupon, like on a travel size item.


This site works a little differently than the previous sites on this list. You can look up printable coupons specifically by store, categories, top printable coupons, and restaurant coupons. When you look up coupons by category, you will find categories like auto and tire, clothing, entertainment, furniture and much more.  Once you click on a category, the site will show you which stores they have coupons for, and how many are available. If you like searching for store specific coupons, this is the right site for you.


This site has everything you need when it comes to wanting great coupons. You can search for coupons alphabetically, by store and the most recent coupons. You can also look for coupons that provide deals like $2.00/1 item, or 3 for $1.00 deals. It also shows you where the coupons came from, which allows you to be able to go to that site and get more coupons like it for a certain brand or item.