Having coupons for things that you buy at the grocery store every week is great for saving money. Knowing which items you buy the most and being able to save a specific amount of money on them can really help your bank account stay at a reasonable amount. Along with items at the grocery store, there are many coupons that are available for almost anything that you could imagine. You can get discount coupons on just about anything today, and discount coupons can help you do this. If you want restaurant coupons, airline discounts, fitness class discounts, and even discounts on activities to go do with your family and friends, you can find them at two great websites: Groupon.com and RetailMeNot.com. Both websites provide printable coupons, along with online coupons and codes in order to save you money wherever you may want to go.


This website is very easy to navigate, and you have a wide variety of ways to look up discount coupons. You can look up coupons by categories, location and interests. Within the categories section, you can look up activities, classes, sightseeing and more. Each specific activity has the number of discount coupons that are available to you. The home page also provides many discount coupons for the most popular coupons of the day that are near your location. The coupons are very specific about the exact amount they give you off of an original price by showing what the original price was, and what the price is now. It also shows you just how much you are saving, either by the dollar amount or the percentage that you are saving.

Another great feature of this website is that it allows you to search discount coupons by store. You can pick your favorite store or online retailer, and they will give you an array of coupons. You can also buy items from this website under the clearance section. You can get great deals on anything you may want or need, and get it delivered to your home at a discount price. You can even get discounts on pest control, plumbing, carpet cleaning, and other home services.


Much like Groupon, this site gives you discount coupons in many ways, like printable, codes, and online coupons. The home page gives you recommendations for you, the top trending deals, and the top deals of the day. On the bottom of the page, you can see what the top stores are by category. Some of these categories are: accessories, automotive, beauty, clothing and much more. You can also browse coupons, by code, product, printable coupons, free shipping, and category. They also give you the option to look at deals that are only available on RetailMeNot.

One interesting part about this website is that they have an option for their consumers to submit a coupon. You have to put in the store’s website, the offer type (coupon code, printable coupon, or a sale/shopping tip), along with the code and the discount description. This is a great feature because you will be able to have a wider variety of coupons than on other sites. You can also share deals that you have found with millions of other people, and allow them to get the same great discount that you had.

Both of these websites give you great ways to get discount coupons. They can give you discounts on almost anything you could imagine. You also have a lot of options on how to get your discount coupons as well as making these two sites the place to go for the best deals.