If you are one of the many people who have been waiting for your lawsuit case to settle to get money you might be surprised to find out that you might have to wait for a very long time. I have no doubt that you have probably seen the commercials on television about the lawsuit loan companies offering you quick money with no credit checks.

So what should you look for in a settlement loan company?

Understanding lawsuit loans and how to obtain them before settling your case is a crucial part. The first thing you should look for is a free consultation from one of the companies out there. If they do not offer a free consultation then forget about them and keep looking. The pre-lawsuit loan company also should not charge you any fees or upfront costs until your case settles with a victory. If they do, then you probably have picked the wrong type of settlement loan company to help you win your case. You should beware of those companies who are not willing to tell you about their costs upfront and their conditions for helping you. This usually means one of two things. The first is that they are going to charge you before your case settles.

The second is that they are going to take more than the average lawsuit settlement loan company charges you at the end of your case. The average charge for a company to help you is usually 10 to 20% of your settlement winnings from court. If a company charges you more than 30% then you should steer clear of them and find another firm immediately.

How can I find a pending lawsuit loan company to help me?

You can find a lawyer or firm that will help you through many different ways. One of the ways that you can find a firm is to watch a lot of television. That method takes some time and only so many actually advertise on television. The second way you can find a lawyer to help you obtain a settlement loan is to go through your phone book. If you do not have a phone book, but can get access to the Internet, then you can find a lawyer or firm willing to help you online. The keywords you will want to use include, settlement loan companies, lawsuit settlement companies, and pending lawsuit companies.These terms will probably provide a wide array of local and non-local companies who advertise in hopes of helping you obtain a loan.

That is when your research really begins on the firms. You will want to ask them the questions mentioned above and demand answers. You should make sure that you get all of their answers written down on paper. Then do the same thing with each lawyer group you contact. That way you have a quick and easy view comparison sheet of the various lawyers that can help you. It will also make your choice more quick and easy to choose from. Once you find a legitimate company, you will want to go there in person and get your agreement down in writing.