While some individuals despise grocery shopping, I actually really enjoy it and always have. While I enjoy some grocery stores over others, I'd have to say, shopping at Whole Foods Market is my favorite for numerous reasons. Not only does Whole Foods always have a fresh produce selection, but overall they carry the most local, organic products and display them in a manner where I want to purchase everything.

For me, walking down the aisle of the fruit section in Whole Foods Market is comparable to a kid going into a candy store. From the display, to the colors, and scents, I truly enjoy the magical experience it brings me.

Living in Denver, Colorado for the past 5 1/2 years, I've become a frequent shopper at Whole Foods Market. Residing in an area where there are literally four Whole Foods Markets within a two mile radius, has become a dangerous thing. Thankfully, I've shopped there enough to provide some tips on saving money while shopping at Whole Foods. Below are 6 great ways to save money at Whole Foods Market.

1.) Consider The 365 Brand.

Whole Foods Market's store brand, 365, has incredible products for much lower prices than other brands. I generally will purchase most of their canned goods, as well as organic quinoa and their whole wheat pastas. Prices on canned goods are usually at least $1.00 cheaper, and quinoa and pasta can fluctuate anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 cheaper.

2.) Bring Your Own Bags (BYOB).

When you bring your own bags into Whole Foods you will get money back at the register. You can earn ten cents off per bag depending upon the store or region. While it not may be a huge savings, every penny adds up when shopping at Whole Foods.

3.) Utilize Online Coupons.

I must admit, I've only done this a few times but you can save a lot of money by printing off their online coupons directly from their website. Also Whole Foods provides "The Whole Deal" where you can access immediate money saving tips, coupons, deals, budget friendly recipes and more.

4.) Tune Into Your Local Whole Foods.

To stay up to date with your local Whole Foods stores, follow them on social media outlets and sign up for their weekly newsletters. Within the newsletter, Whole Foods will state what events they have going on and what will be on sale all week. This is a great way to not only save money, but also be in the know about their exclusive events where you can partake in free affairs such as a cheese making and tasting class.

5.) Don't Get Everything You Need.

As tempting as everything may look, never do all of your grocery shopping at Whole Foods. By just purchasing the basics you can leave there without spending your entire paycheck. I try and buy items that are not only local and organic, but also aren't too overpriced. One thing I always try and avoid at Whole Foods is frozen fruit for my smoothies. It is extremely overpriced and not worth the money. Pick up those items in bulk at places like Costco or Sam's Club.

6.) Shop The Bulk Bins.

This is not only a great way to save money, but also good for the planet. Also, by shopping the bulk bins at Whole Foods you can assure yourself you're getting much fresher products, and cheaper than if you were to buy a name brand.