The invention of the smart phone led many people across the nation to have access to almost anything they want right in their pocket. People have access to the entire Internet at the tips of their fingers. This is a very beneficial tool to have. Many people like to use this power to upload pictures of their day, or maybe share a funny joke or two. Other people have a different idea of what to do with this information available to them 24/7. People who are investing in the stock market have valuable tools in app form on their phones that allow them to keep up-to-date tabs on their specific stocks and the stock market as a whole. Below is a list of five of the best apps for people who want to have constant access to their stocks and the market altogether.

1.) E* Trade Mobile

E* Trade is one of the most successful stock trading companies in the United States. It makes sense that they would have an application for iOS and Android phones to accompany its great reputation. This free app allows you to research stocks and gives you charts and graphs that can show you the performance of your specific stock. It also gives you an overview of all of your accounts. On top of all of this, you are also able to deposit checks and place trades with both touchscreen and voice-command options.

2.) Yahoo Finance

Everyone is familiar with Yahoo and their website. Many people use Yahoo finance on their computer to access information about their stocks and the market as a whole. Now it comes in app form for iOS and Android for free. You can look at your quotes, daily ticker videos and data that are both real-time and after-hours. There are graphs and diagrams that help you compare stocks worldwide and nationwide. This gives you a plethora of information that will help you have an edge in the market.

3.) Bloomberg

This app is also free and available for both iOS and Android. This app features news, market data and access to Bloomberg Television Live, which will update you on everything you need to know about the stock market. You will get a real-time ticker of the stocks. You will also have a portfolio-tracking tool which will tell you exactly how your stock portfolio is doing compared to others and to the market as a whole.

4.) Jstock

Jstock is another free app that provides information on 26 world markets. They also have an interesting feature that shows stock history charts that can date back 10 years. Looking at the history of a stock can help you predict how it will perform in the future. It also provides current news on the stocks. There is also a chart of your personal stocks that shows the gains and losses and current bid price of that stock. There is also the feature that will warn you when something happens with your stocks. Whether it be your stock losing or gaining, you will be notified right when it happens.

5.) iTrade Stock Market Simulator

If you are a person who wants to get into the stock market game but you do not want to invest any money, this is the right app for you. You will be able to use virtual funds on certain stocks without paying any money. You will be able to see how your trades affect your portfolio and which stocks will work best for you. This is great practice for beginners and will not cost a dime to try. It will help users decide is trading stocks is the right investment for them.