Chances are that you already know how important tax identification numbers are when it comes to filing income tax returns and other crucial documents. There are a range of tax identification numbers available in the U.S. today depending on your unique circumstances, from individual tax identification numbers, to employer identification numbers.

To file your federal return electronically as a business, you're going to need your employer identification number, or EIN. One place to look for this is a W-4 form, but in this article, we'll take a look at how to find EIN numbers without W-4 documents. Remember, that it is likely that you won't be able to find your EIN on your paycheck or paystub.

Check with your Bank:

If you're wondering how to find EIN numbers without W-4, one useful place to start is with your bank. You should be able to obtain your EIN from your bank if you are the owner of the business in question, as you will probably have used that EIN to open the account for your business in the first place. Try to remember that you need to be authorized to obtain your EIN number if you want to get it from your bank. This means that if you are not the owner of the company in question, then you might need to think about looking elsewhere for the document you need. For example, there's always the option to consider your employer's payroll, accounting, or human services department as a place to ask for help.

Call the Payroll Division:

If you're uncertain about how to find EIN numbers without W-4, a common option is to reach out to the payroll division or human resources section of the company. This should be a useful way to find the information that you need even if you aren't actually employed by the company any more. Simply asking politely for the EIN should be enough, but you may also find that you need to take your search even further if your relationship with your business had ended on bad terms. For instance, if speaking to the company payroll division doesn't work, then you're probably going to be left with the option of contacting the IRS to learn the number.

Check with the IRS:

Usually, the IRS will be able to search for your number on their records and give it back to you when you have lost it. Of course, in this case, you will need to be prepared to offer a range of personally identifying information so that the IRS know that they are giving the info to the right person. Once again, you can only get an EIN this way if you are authorized to get it.

Browse Online:

Finally, you might be able to look online for an EIN number but only if the company in question is a publicly-traded entity, and therefore has a stock symbol. To search online, you simply need to look for your company's annual report, and you should be able to see the EIN as the IRS employer identification number on the first page of the information about the business.