A new season means new fashion trends, with cool new colors and styles. Changing seasons brings new shopping opportunities and a great excuse to freshen up your wardrobe. If you're wondering how to dress this spring, check out the top five spring looks for ideas below. Remember to pick the trends that appeal to you the most. Not everybody looks good in every fashion, so use your judgment. Here are some ideas for how to revamp your clothes to get a new look for spring.

1.) A Cool Dress For Warm Weather.

A new dress for the season is a must, and you have several on-trend options to choose from.  The A-line dress is definitely back, with a high neckline, full skirt with a flirty swing to it, and a cut to show off your arms.  For working women, a fit and flare dress is an excellent choice.  Wear it with a blazer or sweater during the daytime, and for evening, just remove the blazer, add some jewelry, and you're set.  Another trend is stripes, so a striped jersey dress would be a great new look for spring.

2.) Fresh New Shoes.

When spring arrives, you want to get rid of the heavy, dark footwear, and move into something lighter, brighter, and cheerier.  You've got options, here, too.  Since black doesn't go well with the pretty pale colors of spring, white shoes give you a bright, fun, new spring look.  Pointy-toed white pumps make a perfect pair of going-out shoes.  For more casual, comfortable occasions, one of the spring's top looks is a pair of strappy, block-heeled sandals.  Ballet flats are also in, and could look great with that striped dress.

3.) The Soft Pant.

These soft pants are comfortable, fitted without being tight, and definitely chic.  You can dress them up or down by pairing them with almost anything.  When you're trying them on, be sure to check how they look from the back, so you can avoid the saggy look.  You want them to be fitted and flattering.  You can get them in a wide variety of fabrics such as silk, linen, cotton, or even leather.

4.) A New Jacket.

If you're in an office job, blazers are a natural.  A good blazer is remarkably versatile, and you can wear it with a dress, skirt, or pants, and always look professional.  When shopping for a blazer, the key to the fit is in the shoulders – the seam should hit exactly where your arm meets your shoulder.  Look for a blazer that is somewhat fitted at the waist so that it doesn't look boxy or mannish.  For other occasions, one of the top 5 spring looks is the moto jacket.  Wear one of these leather jackets out on the town to turn a few heads.

5.) Add A New Scarf.

Scarves are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get an entirely different look.  You can add a scarf to a dress or a blouse, and in a few seconds, it looks like a different outfit.  Pick a scarf with colors that complement your other springtime purchases, and you'll be all set with a new spring look.