Another season, and another opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe for the latest fashion trends. Updating your look for the current trends is a great way to get ready for summer fun. As spring gives way to summer, here are some of the top fashion trends for summer time. As always, look at the trends and decide which of these work best for you. Not every trend will fit well for all ages, body types, lifestyles, and skin coloring, so go through the list and choose those that appeal to you.

1.) Pastels Are In.

Pastels are most definitely in this season.  They aren't as limiting as you might think, either.  You don't need to do the whole outfit in pastels.  You can mix and match your most flattering pastel colors with whites, neutrals, earth tones, or even brights.  If you're hesitant about using too much pastel, consider a pastel scarf or bag.

2.) Wide Pants.

This season, it's not all about the skinny jeans.  New fashion trends include wider pant legs.  Specifically, you want pants that are fitted on the thigh, but flare lower down, like boot cut jeans, or pants that are wide in the thigh and then narrow at the hem, like harem pants.

3.) Wear White.

White is one of the easiest summer fashion trends to incorporate.  Brighten up your look with white tops, shoes, dresses, jeans, skirts, belts, cropped pants, jackets, bags, or sunglasses.  However you do it, it will lighten up your look and keep you on trend.

4.) Look For Fluid Fits.

The latest fashion trends for summer are about wearing all of your clothes a bit looser than you used to.  Fluid fits are in, and these are easy to wear, comfortable, and forgiving.  Keep it a bit more structured than clothing with oversized fits.

5.) Moto Jackets.

The moto jacket is back in a big way for summer fashion trends. Think beyond the standard black leather biker look, though. There are styles that are more refined, and materials besides leather.  You can find tweeds, knits, quilted fabrics, pleather, twills, and more. 

6.) Pointed Toes And Other Footwear Trends.

The season's hottest footwear trend is pointed toe shoes, in either heels or flats, and if you have white pointy-toe shoes, you get double credit.  Not everyone likes pointy toes, however, so other on-trend footwear includes ballet flats, loafers, booties, slip-on sneakers, and ankle strap pumps.

7.) Midi-Length Dresses.

If you're shopping for a new skirt or dress, one of the summer fashion trends is to wear dresses and skirts in a midi length.  This can vary anywhere from just below the knee, to long enough to cover your calf.  Styles can vary too, from pencil thin to flared with lots of movement.

8.) Cropped Pants.

This fashion trend is on the list again, and cropped pants are a good buy for this summer season.  You can also match this up with another trend, boyfriend jeans, and get a pair of jeans that hit both trends at once.

These are the summer trends we've discovered here at Knowzo. If you have any other summer fashion trends that are currently in, please share them with us in the comment section below!