Fitness experts have to strive for continued healthy lifestyle choices to ensure the best benefits for their overall well-being. Since more and more people are aiming to improve and maintain a good diet, weight and fitness regimen, the top 5 must-have apps for fitness experts can keep healthier options seconds away.

1.) MyFitnessPal is a free calorie counter, food journal and physical activity tracker to keep people in tune with their fitness level. With over 3 million foods covered in the nutrition database, virtually any food can be looked up for important dietary information. Snacks and meals can be recorded in a convenient journal, which is automatically backed up online. Users can even enter ingredients for recipes into the calculator to find out the nutrition information of that evening’s meal. The straightforward app can easily be incorporated into a fitness regimen with just a couple clicks.

2.) The Strava GPS Cycling and Running Fitness App adds a competitive edge to workouts by featuring challenges that the user can take advantage of. GPS keeps track of progress during runs and rides, capitalizing on the benefits of outdoor workouts. Just to keep things interesting, a follow option allows friends to keep tabs on each other’s results for a little more competition.

3.) Avid runners will enjoy the app called Runkeeper. This app uses GPS to record pace, overall distance, workout time, and approximate calories burned during a run. Routes can be an on-the-go decision, or the runner can choose from a variety of predetermined routes from the app’s database. This app takes a more relaxed approach, even allowing for the user to take pictures to share along the way that can be shared on social media for friends to comment on.

4.) For a fun run off the beaten path, fitness gurus may enjoy an added twist to a morning jog with Zombies, Run! Knowing that zombies are not far behind will surely motivate anyone. The app develops a narrative as the workout progresses, keeping track of distance and other details, while the runner tries to stay ahead of zombies. No matter what happens with the zombies, the workout is sure to be interesting.

5.) Balancing physical activity with healthy food choices is key to achieving and maintaining optimal fitness levels. Downloading the app Clean Plates can help keep the benefits of a fitness workout from being sabotaged by unhealthy food choices. Clean Plates can help filter out restaurant options by individual preferences, such as gluten-free, raw, and vegetarian. To receive high ratings from Clean Plates, the restaurant must offer grass-fed, hormone free, organic produce, and desserts with a natural sweetener. No matter where the user ends up, it is easy to locate the places that will cater to someone with a healthier lifestyle.

Whether a fitness expert is at work or at play, a mobile device can turn into the perfect tool for keeping track of workouts, calories, or finding healthful places to grab a bite to eat in an unfamiliar city. These apps help keep routines both interesting and consistent for people motivated to make health a priority. Fitness is not just a goal, it is a lifestyle.