With the number of credit cards available on the market today it can be impossible to track them all, know which one to use for what, and monitor what is being spent where. This can lead to large debts, the inability to pay bills, and a whole lot of confusion. For this reason and many others there has been a boom in the mobile app market in relation to managing your credit. Below is a list of 5 of the top apps in this field.

1.) Account Tracker

This application helps keep track of the balances of various credit card accounts and monitors your spending. It is available for iPhone and Android devices, and is a financial tool that can assist shoppers in many areas of their lives, whether they are out at the mall, or at home trying to develop a household budget for the month.

2.) Debt Minder

This finance tool can do a variety of neat things for your credit management, including syncing other members of your household in the progress of debt repayment, automatically backing up your information to a secured server, and giving you the ability to choose between different payoff plans that can be customized to your debt and spending style. There are also charts and reports that can be viewed via email or PDF to see where money is going and where you could be making changes to save more.

3.) Cards On Palm

This application gives you the info that you need to keep track of your cards, and also find the bank or automated teller machine that you need at any given moment. It offers some relief for card holders who work out of different banks, so that you don't get mixed up or lose track of information on certain cards and banks. It also keeps everything in one place so that you're not fumbling with credit cards and trying to remember passwords at a moment's notice.

4.) Gold Money Pro

This app offers cash management software which doesn't just cover your credit card, but all forms of money going in and coming out of your accounts. You can create a monthly budget, enter installment plans with your credit cards and other bills, and create a pass-code that is unique and gives you access to all features of your financial accounts rather than one at a time.

5.) Reward Summit

This application is a little different from the others in that it can tell you which credit card is the best for you to use based on location and the rewards that you can gain during your purchase. This one doesn't actually collect the individual card numbers, but rather needs to know which bank and card type you are using to give you the best advantage during purchases. It also converts points into dollar form so you see exactly what you're saving or gaining. It can be used on all Android mobile phones and tablets, as well as a phone others that operate using Android-friendly technology.