If you are interested in how to use the Pinterest app, look no further, as we break down below exactly what this app does and how it operates. Pinterest is a highly visual virtual pin board site that lets you "pin” or collect images, articles, infographics, or really any content from the web. You are able to create boards that can help you to categorize your content on your Pinterest page. You can also add descriptions for your boards so it can tell users what the board is about. The good thing is that your image links back to its original website and so you can readily access it later and also provide a social boost to your content via pinterest.

The first thing that you need to do is sign up. When Pinterest first started, you had to be invited in order to participate. This was great as is created a special buzz; however, you no longer need an invite in order to join. What you need to do is to first set up an account. You can connect with the website through your Twitter or Facebook account. Or you can simply provide an email address and password, and set up a new account through pinterest.

Once you account is set up, you can begin to pin things you like, and set up your boards to create a following. Just like Twitter, you can follow people on the website as well which helps shape the user experience for Pinterest. There are many inspirational people that you can follow on the website as well as many useful recipes, DIY ideas, and so much more. You can then refine your interests while you explore the site and become comfortable with it. When creating your account, you can also automatically follow the people from the social network that you have used when signing up too, which is a great way to start.

Some Pinterest friends can also help you get started on using the pinterest app. You can be provided with family-friendly accounts that can appeal to you if you have an interest in food, home, decoration, photography, scrapbooks, fun ideas, and much more. You can also follow a person’s entire board or choose a few that you want to follow so anytime they update it you can become aware. It is also possible to unfollow someone or a particular board at any time if you lose interest. Once you have found some people to follow, it is now your turn to create boards of your own for users to follow.

As far as Pinterests' platform goes, there are many categories to explore such as: art, home, products, kids, film, books, food, and more. When setting up your own board, you also need to give your pinboard a title and a description. When you hover over a picture with your cursor, you are given the option of either repining or liking the picture. If you choose to repin a picture, you can categorize it to your board. You can choose gallery walls and then click on the repin option. It is also possible for you to automatically share your pin on Twitter or Facebook.

Let us know what you think if Pinterests' platform below. We absolutely love it here at Knowzo!