Cell phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. It seems, however, that some people are happy to pay exorbitant fees for their devices and plans, when the service doesn't really match what they pay for. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly popular for people to opt for cell phones with no contract. This gives them a greater amount of control of their spending and what they actually get.

The Benefits Of Cell Phones With No Contract

It is likely that you have been offered 'deals' on cell phone packages. More than likely, you will find that these deals seem pretty good, and it is tempting to opt for them. However, you wouldn't be the first person to receive a bill shortly thereafter that is much higher than you had expected. Once that happens, however, you're stuck. After all, you have signed up for a 24 month contract (usually), which is legally binding. As such, you spend the next two years constantly worrying about using your phone.

There are numerous horror stories of people being stuck with contracts that are being poorly managed, leading to ever increasing bills and seemingly no way out. Some people have been double or even triple charged, and don't seem to be able to find a person to speak to in order to correct it. Meanwhile, as they pay more and more money to make calls to their operator, as well as losing a lot of time, the bills mount up, as they are legally obliged to pay for it.

None of this could ever happen if you hadn't signed up for a contract. However, being completely without a cell phone is also something most people simply cannot do anymore in this day in age. That is where the cell phones with no contract come in. These are regular cell phones, ranging from the latest iPhone to a cheap knock-off model made somewhere in a Chinese sweatshop, and they are all yours to do with as you please. The reason why so few people opt for this, however, is because of the upfront cost for the device itself. Nobody wants to own a cheap knockoff from a Chinese sweatshop, after all, but most of us also cannot afford the newest iPhone outright. Luckily, a little bit of research will show you that there is a great middle ground between those two.

First of all, be aware of the fact that Android is always cheaper than iOS. This is because Android is open source, which means any manufacturer can use it. Secondly, the real cost of the device is in two things: the brand name and the features. Choosing a lesser known, but still trusted, brand will significantly reduce the cost of your device. Making sure you have a device that only offers the features you actually need is the second way to bring your cost down. As such, you can own an excellent quality cell phone without the lengthy and expensive contracts.