Most prepaid plans tend to favor flexibility over some of the other features and bonuses that mobile providers can give you. There are a number of carriers that support prepaid options now, but not all of these are made equally, and when it comes to prepaid cell phone plans it can be difficult to pinpoint the best possible choice unless you know what to look out for. Fortunately the internet is full of ratings, reviews, and groupings of comments that can help you narrow down your decision. Here are a few reviews that might help sway your opinion on the current top prepaid services.

Metro PCS

Known as one of the up and comers in the prepaid game, Metro PCS plays a pretty big part in prepaid cell phone plans and is recognized for offering three unlimited monthly plans with a small selection of reasonably priced phones including the Samsung Galaxy S5. The plans start at $40 a month, which offers unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of data. Their most expensive rate plan includes unlimited everything, including data for only $60. This is a very good price point for having no cap on data, especially with so many people depending on their mobile devices for just about everything these days. Metro PCS also has had good reports on their customer service, making them one of the best providers to select in terms of how you will be treated as a customer.

AT&T Wireless

This is one of the major players in the contract and prepaid cell phone plans field, and yet a review of their prepaid packages isn't quite as shining as the above mentioned Metro PCS competitor. AT&T does make up for their poor plan choices with much better phone options, and a wide range of accessibility for those who travel and require good service wherever they go. However, there are no unlimited plans, with the most data ranging at $60 for 2.5GB of data. This is miniscule compared to Metro PCS, unless you aren't much of a data user. If you can get by with the occasional e-mail and a Facebook message here and there, you may be in luck, because AT&T is a well recognized, high quality service provider across the country.


Okay, so it's a little bit steeper in price for some of these prepaid cell phone plans, and T-Mobile is definitely in this category. The phones are great, the coverage is amazing, and yes, they have one unlimited data plan. The catch? It's $80 for unlimited talk, text, and data. This plan does make up for its steep price with an additional 5GB of Hotspot data, and international voice and messaging included in all of their packages. Once again, for those who don't covet online activity, they could be perfectly happy with a $40 plan with unlimited talk and text and 500MB of data, just right for e-mail and the occasional online search.

As the world becomes more and more dependent upon the mobile devices that we carry, it only makes sense that more brands will begin breaking down walls and create a better way to utilize their services. For the time being, there are slightly fewer options for prepaid than there are for contract accounts, but if you're willing to look around, there is always a good deal waiting for you somewhere.