Cell phones have become a permanent part of our lives. From the oldest to the youngest, it is our main means of communicating with one another. They are replacing their predecessor the landline at an incredibly rapid rate. But depending on the type of phone you get or the service you choose, they can become quite costly. Many people choose to have a contract with a carrier to make use of their services but for those who don't like the hassle of contracts, there is always the option to use prepaid cell phones to help them to stay in touch. There are many advantages and disadvantages to opting for the no contract route.

The Advantages:

Probably the biggest benefit to a prepaid cell phone is the savings you get. These phones don't have to contract fees or buy minutes that may expire if they are not used. You simply purchase the number of minutes you plan to use and leave the option open to purchase more later if you need more. They also have the convenience of no monthly bills, no contracts, and no termination fees. Because there is no contract there is no age limit as to who can have a phone so they are perfect for children and teenagers. Parents love them because they don't have to worry about a surprise bill after an excessive amount of texting by their kids.

The Disadvantages:

Of course, there are also a few disadvantages when it comes to prepaid cell phones. For example, if you want more than basic calling and texting you may find that you have limited options. Many of the prepaid cell plans do not have the many features of smart phones available to contract customers. If you're looking for a phone service that will play music, make use of the many apps, use data, or have a fancy panoramic camera, you may find that a prepaid service will be lacking.

And chances are that you'll be expected to keep track of the number of minutes you use each month. Unless you choose the option of unlimited minutes you may find yourself running out before the end of your month and be without connection until the time for the next month's minutes to start. This could cause you to experience dropped calls or the inability to make a call when needed.

Who Uses Them?

The decision to use prepaid cell phones is a personal one. Parents love them for their children and teenagers simply because of the convenience. They have less worry when their kids don't have the capability to send images to strangers or have set limits on how much the phone is used. Others who only have a limited need for phone service will appreciate not getting stucked with a high cell phone bill where they have to pay for services they didn't realistically expect to use. Finding the right cell phone service can be tricky but you can save a great deal of money if you don't need all the bells and whistles that often come with contract services. The prepaid cell phone may turn out to be your better option.