There are tons of carriers now offering prepaid plans, and while many of the top prepaid cell phone plans and providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint do carry some pretty decent prepaid phones and options, there are others out there that specialize less in contracted accounts and more in this type of exchange. As a customer, it can be important to find a company that makes prepaid customers feel just as important as their contracted ones and this can be difficult. Take a look at this list of some of the top US prepaid phone providers, but don't forget to check out some of the larger companies as well.

Boost Mobile

Boost offers three prepaid plans that work best for customers seeking out similar options from a contracted account without having to sign away the next two years of their service for a discounted mobile device. Boost is fairly popular among prepaid users and offers unlimited talk and text, but the data capability changes with the price points. This means that for $40 you can expect 500 MB, for $50 there is 2.5 GB and for $60 you can expect 5 GB. They also offer daily plans, which is a little bit different than some other top prepaid cell phone plans and providers, so that for $3 a day you can get unlimited voice and text and data, which is great if you're traveling or only need a phone for a short time.

Republic Wireless

Republic isn't really known for having the fanciest new devices, but what they are known for is allowing their customers to have free unlimited data so long as they use wifi whenever they can. These plans are very reasonable and for only $5 a month you can get straight up wifi on your smart phone. For $10, you get the same plus unlimited talk and text, and for $25 you also get unlimited data on 3G, whereas the $40 month plan gets unlimited data on a 4G network. These are considered very cheap plans in comparison to some of the other retailers around, and the Moto X and Moto G are both fairly decent phones, which is great because these are the flagship models being offered for top prepaid cell phone plans and providers.

Straight Talk Wireless

This wireless company uses the towers of AT&T and T-Mobile, giving their customers the best service coverage of both worlds, without the contract. Unfortunately they do not provide service for Verizon phones, but they do offer three plans. The first has 1500 minutes and unlimited messaging with 100 MB of data for $30 a month, the second is unlimited voice and messaging and data until 3GB for $45 and the third allows for the same as the second but with additional data for $60. These plans can be used for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time for discounted pricing, and allows users to pay before they use their account so that essentially you could wait a whole year to pay another bill. This is one of the top prepaid cell phone plans and providers in terms of convenience, but isn't exactly the best in terms of price.