With the number of different online providers allowing for free e-mail account registration on the internet, it can get a little bit confusing as far as how each service is registered for. AOL email account creation isn't difficult, and in fact it only takes a few moments to create an account. This is a particularly good service to apply for, not only because you get to take part in e-mailing friends, colleagues, and family, but because it also gives you access to AOL instant messenger, which is a popular messaging tool in the United States, and across North America in areas of Canada as well.

Getting Started

Before you begin with your AOL email account creation you should have all of your personal information ready to go and close at hand. You should have your computer turned on, and connected to the internet. Open a web page using whichever provider you prefer, be it Safari, Chrome, Firefox of Internet Explorer, and type in www.aol.com or www.aol.ca depending on your location. On the top right of the screen you will see the "sign up" and "login" tools. Select "sign up" and begin filling in your information.

Creating An Email Account

This is the portion of your AOL email account creation where you will need to select a username that isn't already in use by another member. The form will also ask for your name, gender, birthdate, and other information before you select "sign up". AOL also requires you to have an alternative e-mail address, and this is needed for the confirmation of your new account. Once you have entered this data you will need to go into your alternative account, whether it is Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo and confirm your new AOL account by selecting "yes, I made this request" in the body of the confirmation e-mail.

When Running Into Some Difficulty

One of the major problems with AOL email account creation but which is easily remedied is that the selection process for a username can be a bit tricky. There are so many users of this service that many names have already been applied for. This means that you might not be able to get your own name, or even your own name plus your birth year, but don't give up. You may also get a few suggestions made by the network, which can be really convenient for those who have trouble thinking up their own. Some people choose not to select usernames similar to their name, and instead use hobbies, lyrics, and random words to represent their account. If this account is for employment purposes it is best to stick to something neutral and descriptive of yourself, but if it's for fun, you might want to consider running a finger through the dictionary and choosing something at random.

Login And Get Mailing

Now that you have confirmed your new account you can login and get started adding contacts and e-mailing friends and family members. You may begin using features such as chat in the instant messaging tool, you can send pictures and videos, and partake of all the tools and options made available to you as an AOL user.