Wondering how to create a Gmail account? How hard can it be? Creating a Gmail account is fast and easy, making it probably the easiest email account to set up. Much easier than Yahoo or AOL. The account also gives access to other Google products as well, and not just Gmail. Follow these step by step instructions below on how to create a new Gmail account:

Step 1: Open Webpage

The first step on how to create Gmail account is to open the Gmail website. The link is https://accounts.google.com/. Click the red “Create Account" button which is at the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: Enter Username And Password

Come up with a user name which will become your new Gmail email address. This is the second most crucial step to how to create Gmail account. Try to have a backup of more than one just in case your desired name is already taken. You will need to come up with a strong password to allow you log in securely to your email account. A strong password will have at least 8 characters to be secure. You should also try having a mix of letters, and numbers. Letters in different cases is highly recommended. For example, you may use “C67wayOuT” instead of “johnsmith". You will have to re-enter the password to ensure it is you choosing it and not some robot by a hacker. The harder your password is, the less likely your account can be hacked.

Step 3: Fill In Personal Information

Fill in your details in the text boxes as required. Enter your first and last name, birthday, gender, and a phone number in case you lose access to the account. Also, enter a verification email address if you have another email account. Lastly, enter which country you reside in.

Step 4: Verify You Are Human

Complete the CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA is a verification tool that ensures only a real person creates an account. You can always refresh to get the one you can read, or click the speaker button to have it read out loud through the computer speakers.

Step 5: Privacy Policy

Agree to the privacy policy. It is important you take time to read the entire privacy policy. This is to ensure you have full knowledge of what Google can and cannot do with your personal information. Check the box with the words “I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” besides it.

Step 6: Share Profile Information

Choose whether you want your profile (+1) pIus information shared.

Step 7: Google Plus

Click the next step button below the page which will take you to the Google plus profile creation page. You can choose to add a picture to your account.

Step 8: Finish Account Setup

Your Gmail account has been created. Click the button to return to Gmail or to check out the other Google products. You will be automatically logged in on any Google site you visit. Your account is now set up and you can view your inbox as well as compose and send emails. Now you know how to create Gmail account by following these simple steps. Enjoy and let us know if you have any further questions below on setting up your Gmail account.