With so much business and communication going on over the internet, it only makes sense that the most popular free email services would be some important information to know about. There are so many new ones popping up all the time, and while some are tried and trusted, others deserve a chance to prove that they belong in the game.

1.) Outlook

When the internet buzz began and free e-mail services started becoming the new thing, Hotmail.com was the place to be. Now, Hotmail has become a memory from the past, and most people who subscribe to this service now have an account with the ending live.com or outlook.com. With a backer like Microsoft behind it, and the ability to connect multiple accounts, switch your contacts from one account to the next, and use a number of other interesting applications such as Skype and Messenger right from your inbox, it's no wonder that so many are selecting this one as one of the most popular free email services on their list.

2.) Gmail

Although Microsoft might have held some power in the past, the latest and greatest powerhouse of the internet is definitely Google. In the past ten years they have come up from a small search engine company to one of the top driving forces in the industry, and this shows in their e-mail design. They use a minimalist design in their inbox and background preferences, but this helps speed up the service substantially. It also opens you up to a number of fun and useful applications such as Google Docs, which allows you to edit materials directly in your e-mail and send it off to work or other recipients.

3.) Yahoo!

Yahoo! is certainly listed among the most popular free emails services that you can find online, and for good reason. This service has been around for what seems like forever, yet they offer a modern look and beautiful themes to make your inbox not only efficient, but attractive as well. There is a panel to hold your folders, and emails are displayed on the right side of your screen. You also have the ability to sync contacts with any other e-mail carrier you might be using for alternative accounts, and you can use the yahoo messenger application to send messages to any friends or family members who also use the service. This is one of the most popular free email services for a reason, but you might just have to check it out for yourself to see why.

4.) AOL

This is one of the easiest e-mail systems to use, with a setup and login function that makes it easy for any new user to create an account and start sending e-mails right away. With streamlined features like the organizational tabs and an aesthetically pleasing background and theme option, AOL allows for a futuristic feel without losing any of the old school charm that it has always carried.

5.) Apple iCloud

Okay, this one is mostly for Apple users, but this is a truly wonderful e-mail service for those who use it. It has the simplicity and modern look that almost all apple products and applications carry, with the ability to multitask, organize, inspire, and create. It is straightforward and easy to understand if you have used Apple products in the past, and it is definitely one of the most popular free email services you will find if you prefer Safari over Chrome.