Gmail free email service is one of the many offered by similar providers now available online, and while it wasn't one of the first to hit the market, it has certainly taken the world by storm and is now considered, not only one of the best, but possibly the very best! It has various advantages that competitive services just don't seem to offer, including the ability to split your inbox into five distinct categories; primary, social, updates, forums, and promotions. This means that you aren't getting 20 different emails in your inbox that aren't even something you're likely to look at. If you find yourself deleting most of the mail from another carrier, it might be time to switch to Gmail.

Features And Services

Outside of just better organization and reception of e-mails, Gmail free email service also is at the top of its game in terms of features and services. There is now an integrated online video chat option which has been dubbed "hangouts." This allows you to chat with up to nine different individuals at one time, share different video feeds while chatting, and insert backgrounds and overlays to be silly, creative, funny, or interesting with whoever you are speaking to. This is also a great feature for children who have one parent away for work a lot. It allows them to hang out and get silly without leaving the house. There is also the great ability to correspond your hangouts with other applications through Google+ which is associated with Gmail.

Making phone calls, sending instant messages, and the ability to switch directly from PC to mobile phone all through your Gmail account makes this the perfect email tool for those on the go. It works well for younger generations, but can also easily be made into the best e-mail companion of any business man or woman.


Gmail's benefits don't stop there as the expansion themes allow you to customize your home-screen with many preloaded themes or a personal picture. You can also customize other things like folders, labels, and backgrounds. With 15 GB of storage in your inbox you have one of the highest amounts of storage available as far as Gmail free email service and other free services go. You can connect to your Google Docs, Google Drive, and other cloud features, and select from a number of languages including French and Japanese.

Gmail has been voted top e-mail provider by various rating and ranking websites for all of the above, but also for their security, great customer service, and high quality applications. Google is constantly evolving and growing every day to meet customer needs and to supply their users with the very best that the internet has to offer. This internet giant could easily offer this type of service for a fee and still keep high numbers of users, so that fact that it is a free e-mail service is another reason to give them praise.

Of course, there are pros and cons to every service and Google might not work for every person who tries it, but if you check out online rankings, comments, and ratings you will likely find that the reason behind their popularity isn't hard to see.