If you're serious about living a life connected to the internet, then chances are that you're willing to spend at least some money on tracking down and using the best high speed DSL & broadband internet providers. If you're lucky, then you may find yourself capable of receiving a number of different deals from a vast range of different internet service providers. The aim then, should be to find the one that can offer you the best possible speed, for the best price.

It is important to remember that when you're looking at high speed DSL & broadband internet providers, you can't simply rely on the information that they give you in their sales pitches to determine whether or not they will be giving you the best possible value for your money. After all, the speeds that they advertise to you will be based on a "maximum" of what you can achieve, and you may need to look elsewhere to find more realistic insights into what is possible.

Using the Ookla Net Index:

One of the best ways to track down the ideal high speed DSL & Broadband internet providers in your area, is to use online resources to check the internet speeds in your location, and figure out which providers are giving the best deals. It is likely that you have found yourself using Ookla systems before when you wanted to check your internet speed, as they run the website speedtest.net. However, you can also use this company to find out which providers are giving high-speed connections in your area.

Basically, this website works by taking all of the various data that has been collected from speedtest.net and organizing it so that you can examine what is going on in terms of local connections. All you need to do is click on the "go to my location" link and you will visit a page that lists all of the internet providers that operate in your area. From there, you will see that the service providers are ranked according to their download speeds, so that you can determine which is actually the fastest provider out there.

Comparing The Best Broadband Internet Providers:

  1. AT&T
  2. Verizon
  3. Comcast
  4. Time Warner Cable
  5. Frontier
  6. Sudden Link

Don't forget that aside from checking the actual level of speed you can potentially download and upload items at through a certain internet provider, you might want to consider a number of different factors when determining whether or not an operator is right for you. For instance, you may consider looking around and conversing with people on different forums to find out whether your potential internet service provider offers good customer service, and whether they can be relied upon to have good "up" rates, meaning that you're not sitting around waiting for your internet to come online for days after a fault.

There is more to getting a good internet connection than speed, but looking for high-speed options is definitely a good place to start if you are concerned about downloads, or you like to spend your time streaming HD videos to your devices, or sharing family time on the computer.