In a world where almost everything happens online, it should come as no surprise that the number one question on the minds of most is how to get faster internet speeds. From gaming and online shopping, to banking and playing the stock market, the internet connects us to the world.

Internet speed can be controlled by your provider, and may depend on your particular package and price plan, but there are other factors which control the net speed. Before you begin looking for a way to get better speeds, you should test your modem to see where your connection stands currently. You can do this with a simple test over the internet. The test offers your download speed in Mbps, and from here, you can begin your journey to a better online experience.

1.) Use a New Modem

You got a brand new laptop this year, new speakers, a new printer, so why are you still using a modem from three years ago? Yes, they're expensive, but many internet providers rent and sell new units at a reasonable rate. Using a new modem, rather than a old one, offers you the best possible connection to the internet. Of course, the speed you get through this modem is also affected by distance from the source of your connection, among other factors, but it certainly helps to use new equipment.

2.) Close Unnecessary Tabs and Tools:

This is a generation of downloading; from books to movies, you likely have a different folder for everything you purchase online. While it is wonderful to be so connected to the things you love without needing to leave the house to obtain them, you still have to remember to close and lock the door behind you when you're finished shopping. Just like you lock up your house at night, you should close all windows and shut down programs when you're finished with them.

If you use a torrent program, you may be surprised to find it running in the background while you're trying to complete other work. This is especially true of shared computers, where family members or work colleagues use the same machine to complete daily tasks. If you want to speed up your internet, you need to limit its activity so that all of its attention can be focused on the task at hand.

3.) Give Your Computer a Checkup:

How to get faster internet speeds should not be a problem when it seems like everything is plugged in, brand new, and should be working properly. If things are slow, check for underlying problems, such as viruses. A virus on your computer will do more than just slow you down. Unfortunately, they don't always make themselves known, which is why it is a good idea to run regular scans. If you can't afford antivirus software, there are programs which are free or cheap, and will scan for the bare minimum. Protecting your computer against spyware and viruses is a good investment and will save you from spending money to have things fixed later by a professional.

If none of these tricks seem to be helping you figure out how to get faster internet speeds, it might be time to talk to your provider, and up your price point to the next plan.