If every time you go online these days, it seems as though your favorite web pages are taking longer to load than they once did, this could be a sign that you need to do something about your broadband speed. If your download speeds are suffering, and you can’t browse the internet in peace, then you probably want to use a “how to get a free high speed internet test”.

Here, we’re going to look at how to use a free high speed internet test, and what you can do if it terms out that speeds you are achieving aren’t up to par in terms of the speeds you are actually paying for.

Running A “How to Get High Speed Internet Test”:

The best way to check your download speeds before you complain to your provider about the fact that you’re not enjoying your online experience, it’s time to check and see what kind of speeds you are actually getting. There are plenty of speed tests available online and you can simply type “How to get a free high speed internet test” into Google to find one that works for you.

Keep in mind that different tests might offer different results depending on the location of the test servers and the number of people who share your connection. The best solution is generally to take multiple tests so you can the average speed of your Internet access. Remember that you might need to install Flash to run the test, and if possible it’s best to choose the test server that is closest to your actual location so that you can ensure your results are as accurate as possible.

Examining Your Results:

Once you’ve conducted your speed test, you’ll need to compare the results of what you’re achieving against what you’ve actually been paying for. It’s worth keeping in mind that the speeds that your supplier probably advertised aren’t necessarily what everyone can get. Usually they’re a best-case example of what’s available, thus you might not actually get that number all of the time.

If you haven’t upgraded your Internet service for quite some time, you might find that you can upgrade to better speeds without breaking the bank. Remember to check if new services are available that weren’t there when you first signed up. At the same time, don’t forget to shop around with other providers as many will be willing to offer you a fantastic deal if you don’t mind switching your service to them and waiting for installation.

Calling your Service Provider:

Sometimes, when you have a service fault, all you can do is contact your provider and ask for the issue to be fixed. In some cases, you can communicate with your service provider simply to find out whether the connection you are getting is substandard without even having a technician come out your home. If you need professional help, then a line technician can be sent to your area to check the infrastructure that is in place for the company that you are getting your connection from. Just keep in mind that if the problem is at your end you might be charged for the visit.