Your PlayStation 3 just got even more awesome, if that’s possible. PS3 offers a ton of games, but not only that, one of the coolest features of the PS3 is that you can watch Hulu on it! That’s right; you can watch TV and movies online from your PS3 absolutely free, after you pay the low monthly fee of $7.99. It doesn’t get any better than that! Hulu has all of your favorite TV shows and every category of movies imaginable!

Choose from Action and Adventure, Anime, Animation, and Cartoons, Arts and Culture, Classics, Comedies, Documentaries, Drama, Family, Food, Health and Wellness, Horror and Suspense, International, Kids, Korean Drama, Latino, Lifestyle, Music, News and Information, Reality and Game Shows, Science Fiction, Sports, and Video Games! With all of those options, there is really nothing better than Hulu on PS3.

So, along with a ton of games and Hulu, the PS3 has built in wifi, which is super convenient! If you spend money on one gadget this year, it might as well be the PS3 since it covers so many great areas of entertainment and won’t leave you disappointed. Having Hulu on your PS3 will also make you popular among all of your friends. With the ability to play games, watch tv or movies, go online, and listen to all of your favorite music, it’s easy to see why purchasing this would be a great choice. You might have to buy all of your friends their own PS3 so that you can have some space to enjoy yours 🙂


Even if you’re not a hardcore gamer, buying a PS3 is the way to go. Instead of having to drag your laptop around, Hulu on PS3 allows you to watch TV and movies extremely conveniently! The picture quality is amazing, so you will never miss a single detail of all of your favorite shows. Some of the most popular shows are even available on Hulu the same night that they air on regular television. Also paying for a DVR is a huge expense and not worth the money when you can just use Hulu on your PS3. It is so much cheaper and you will never get frustrated like you do with a full DVR or when your roommates “accidentally” delete the show you have been looking forward to watching all day long. Nothing will beat coming home after a long day of work, plopping down on the couch, ordering a pizza, and turning Hulu on your PS3.

Do you currently have Hulu on your PS3? If so, let us know what you think in the comments section below!