iPhone apps are constantly being downloaded by their users. We are always looking for new apps to mess around with on our smart phones and try out. Some for pleasure, others for productivity; iPhone apps are becoming a way of the future as they allow us to not only become more productive, but really make our lives more fun and convenient at the same time.

Below are the top 10 iPhone Apps this year for productivity, as well as pleasure for our team here at Knowzo.

1.) Adobe PhotoShop Express

The Adobe Photoshop ranks 1st amongst the best top 10 iPhone apps. This application allows you to edit and adjust all of your pictures with the click of a button. Remove red eye, switch to black and white or sepia effects, and even remove background noise and unwanted pictures. This app can be used for work purposes, as well as editing your personal photos for fun.

2.) Converter Plus

The second amongst the top 10 iPhone apps is the Converter Plus which is a calculator that covers every possible conversion table. It can convert currency or metric measurements and even calculate loan interest. This is definitely one of those apps that is a must have for anyone working with numbers or metrics.

3.) Dropbox

Dropbox will collect files from multiple devices and keep them in one application that can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have an internet signal. Files, documents, pictures, music, and videos can all be stored in the same location so that you have access to them no matter where you are.

4.) EasilyDo

This is a personal assistant and productivity application that aims to make your daily life much more easier. The application will connect you to email accounts, social media accounts, and a calendar to search for upcoming events. A notification will remind you of upcoming events such as birthdays and allow you to create a message in advance to be sent when the birthday arrives. A must have if you need to stay organized.

5.) ESPN ScoreCenter

A sports lover’s application, this keeps all the scores in one place and make it easy to keep an eye on a particular game, sort, or match. This application also allows you to check scores from multiple sports and leagues, which makes it the ultimate sports app out.

6.) Gain Fitness

This application serves as a workout buddy and encourages you through your workouts or training. The application also comes equipped with a variety of different exercises to help you achieve your goal and switch up your routine when you are getting bored with your standard daily workouts.

7.) Google Translate

The Google Translate application is yet another on our top 10 iPhone apps list. The application provides ease and convenience for all those who find it hard to understand foreign languages. This app comes especially in handy when you are traveling over-seas and need help communicating in a different language.

8.) Pandora Radio

Create stations that are catered to your likes based on an artist’s name, genre, or song title. A click of a button will keep your least favorites from being played, while another click will increase the chance of hearing all of your favorites more often.

9.) Kindle

The Kindle application offers users all of the benefits of having one without purchasing an e-reader. You can download books and read them directly on your phone. No need to buy hard books anymore when you can download this and bring them with you.

10.) Mint.com

This application acts a financial manager to keep you in control of your money. By connecting to all of your financial accounts, it can track how much money you spend and where you spent it. It can also help you set up a budget to make it easier to save money. With weekly email updates as well, this app is a must have.

Let us know what your favorite apps are below!