In today's world of stress and chaos, it's perfectly understandable that people need vacations where they need to take some time to get away from it all. However, it is also a common problem that without proper planning a vacation could turn out to be more stressful than actually going to work. Dealing with logistics, the kids, luggage and other details can make you need a rest after your time away. Below are the 5 most popular all-inclusive destinations that can help you have a simpler way to unwind from your daily routine.

1.) Cruises

First and foremost among the 5 most popular all-inclusive destinations are cruises. You might be surprised to learn that of the millions of travelers that take to the high seas every year, it is not because they enjoy sailing the high seas. While that is a major part of their vacation by far the majority of those who insist on taking a cruise every year is because of its all-inclusive package. They know the total cost of their trip before they leave home and everything is already included so there are no extras unless you choose them.

2.) Twin Farms Resort In Vermont

This resort was considered to be the number 1 small hotel in the US. It offers luxurious accommodations on 300 acres of prime rural land that is far enough from the rest of the world to make you feel like you've really left it all behind. Each guest resides in a standalone luxury home that is impeccably designed. Guests can participate in hiking, fishing, tennis, activities and meals are prepared specifically for each guest.

3.) Grand Velas Resorts In Mexico

On the coast of the Riviera Maya or Puerto Vallarta these resorts have earned a AAA 5-Diamond rating. These beach resorts offer fine dining restaurants, 24-hour room service, butlers, yoga and pilates classes, and first class service year round. They also include spa treatments for their guests. All suites are 1,000 square feet and include hot tubs and all sorts of luxuries to enjoy.

4.) Portillo, Chili Ski Resort

Situated high in the Andes Mountains with no town nearby this resort works very much like a cruise ship where everything has to be included. In addition to having all your meals included in the package (4 meals a day) guests also receive yoga and other fitness classes, movies, a disco and even a ski and boot valet.

5.) Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp, Botswana

This place sits along "The River That Never Finds the Sea" and offers its guests a true safari experience. It has been described as an oasis of lagoons and rivers in the midst of the Kalahari Desert, with wildlife all around you. You have your own choice of living in a private tent or a private luxury suite with a bathroom, indoor tub, outdoor shower, and a private plunge pool. Included are daily game drives twice a day where you'll see lions, cheetahs, elephants, buffalo, leopards, hippos, mongoose, and more in their natural habitats.

Of the 5 most popular all-inclusive destinations there will probably be one that appeals to you. Whether you want to rough it in the Kalahari Desert or hide away in the Andes Mountains there is nothing better than taking an all-inclusive vacation where decision making can be put aside for a while and you can really enjoy life.