You've heard about it so many times. All your friends have raved about their fabulous vacation cruises to the Caribbean so much so that you're tempted to take one yourself. But when you search cruises online you are presented with loads upon loads of options to choose from. You wonder what information you need in order to know how to choose the best Caribbean cruise for yourself. Here are a few suggestions.

Decide On The Type of Cruise Experience You Want

Each cruise caters to a certain group of people who have similar interests so you need to decide on what type of cruise experience you want for yourself. If you're looking for a ride on "The Love Boat" then search out those cruise lines that cater to singles or offer romantic cruises. There are lines that offer short sunset cruises, weekend getaways, or even honeymoon packages. If you're traveling with your family, there are those that cater to small children and have amazing family packages. Seniors on the other hand will probably not want a bunch of little kids underfoot so they'll be looking for cruise lines that cater to senior citizens.

If You're Traveling On A Budget

When you know exactly how to choose the best Caribbean Cruise you'll realize that there are many options that can save you money. Once you've decided the type of cruise experience you want and have narrowed down your options to those cruise lines that will provide it then you need to search for those cruises designed to meet your budgeting requirements. You can also look for special offers, off-season discounts, and even find out if your employer or other organizations you might belong to will give you a discount on cruise prices.

This is also true if you want to splurge on yourself as well. You wouldn't want to be sailing on a budget liner when you have money to blow. Find the ship that will fit within your financial parameters and you'll be ready to sail off into the sunset totally stress free.


You can also check the cruise lines for the types of amenities they offer. If you're a night owl and plan to dance the night away then look for those with clubs that will run late into the early morning. If you're looking for a certain type of entertainment or special excursions then compare cruise lines for those features.

Keep in mind that while all cruises will offer pretty much the same things (food, entertainment, amenities, and excursions) there will still be things to set them apart from their competition. Think of your vacation as an extension of you and your personality; look for amenities that you will specifically enjoy. Keep in mind that even within the same cruise line there may be some differences from ship to ship so knowing exactly what you need can have a significant impact on your overall vacation experience. Taking the time to learn about how to choose the best Caribbean Cruise will help you to make a better decision.