Connoisseurs of fine food search the globe each year, to find the best of the best – the top restaurants in the world. This year, the selection includes some stunning entries, and the restaurants vary in cuisine, style, and formality. If you want a reservation at one of these top 10 restaurants, you may need to book months in advance. Prices listed below do not include wine. Here are the top restaurants in the world, 2014 edition.

1.) Noma – Copenhagen, Denmark

Noma has been listed in the top restaurants in the world for several years now. The restaurant is in a former whaling warehouse, and is the birthplace of the “New Nordic” cuisine movement. All ingredients are local, and there are many dishes you’ll find nowhere else in the world. Dinner for two is about $600.

2.) Mugaritz – Errenteria, Spain

This restaurant is nestled in the rolling hills of Basque Country. The chef, Andoni Luis Adruiz, creates innovative, complex dishes that will surprise and delight even the most sophisticated diners. Dinner for two is around $470.

3.) Eleven Madison Park – New York City, USA

This could be the quintessential New York City restaurant. The chef, Daniel Humm, hails from Switzerland. He uses locally grown ingredients, and gives classic dishes an inventive twist. The service is attentive and graceful. Dinner for two runs $450.

4.)  The Ledbury – London, England

This is perhaps the most classical restaurant on the list of top restaurants in the world, 2014. Dishes prepared by Australian chef Brett Graham are deep and layered, with outstanding flavor. The chef even hunts wild birds himself.  Dinner for two about $270.

5.)  Osteria Farancescana – Modena, Italy

Inside this stately restaurant, you will find contemporary art on the walls, and fantastic, artistic creations on the plates. The innovative dishes have stories behind them, that evoke memories and emotions. Dinner for two is about $425.

6.)  Arzak – San Sebastian, Spain

The chef here, Juan Mari Arzak, is considered one of the greatest in Spain. He applies modern techniques to the traditional fare of his native region in Basque Country. The cuisine offers whimsical takes on regional specialties. Dinner for two runs $530.

7.)  D.O.M. – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Not many chefs at top 10 restaurants are known for fishing in the Amazon, but Alex Atala of D.O.M. is no ordinary chef. Despite his rugged reputation, his restaurant is refined and elegant, and he shares unusual local Brazilian flavors. Dinner for two $400.

8.) Alinea – Chicago, USA

Dinner here is the ultimate avant-garde dining experience. Diners find an 18-course tasting menu, with special tableware for each course. Dishes are unique, like the decorative flag that becomes a fold-your-own ravioli. DInner for two is about $420.

9.) Dinner – London, England

This fashionable London restaurant is where chef Ashley Palmer-Watts takes traditional English dishes and transforms them into marvelous modern creations. Dishes are surprising and delicious. Dinner for two around $230.

10.) Celler De Can Roca – Girona, Spain

This restaurant is run by three brothers who learned the business from their parents.  Some consider it to be Europe’s most beautiful dining room. The chefs take Mediterranean flavors and create amazing and magical dishes. Dinner for two is about $435.