If you're looking for a wonderful spring vacation, consider a trip to California's wine country. The weather is warming up, the vines are coming alive, and the crowds haven't arrived yet. Here are some reasons to think about visiting California's wine country in the spring.

1.) The Weather Isn't Too Hot.

Wine country can be downright hot during the popular summer season, with highs in the 80s most days.  If you like your climate more temperate, then for a visit to wine country, spring could be just right.  March can still be a bit rainy in wine country, but April and May are usually beautiful, with highs in the 70s.  Nights are cool, so bring a sweater, and an umbrella just in case.

2.) The Mustard Blooms In Early Spring. 

If you come to wine country in February, you'll find that even though the calendar says it's not spring yet, the plants have other ideas.  In February, the mustard plants that grow between the vines are blooming, and the vineyards are covered with a profusion of yellow blossoms.  For 17 years, there was an annual Mustard Festival in the spring.  It fell prey to the economic collapse, but they are hoping to restart it soon.

3.) The Vines Are Growing Again.

During the winter months, the grape vines are dormant, and the scene in wine country looks somewhat barren.  Wine country in the spring has a lush, green look, with new growth sprouting on grape vines across the valley.  It is an exciting time in wine country, as a new vintage is just beginning, activity is ramping up, and the season is full of hope.  There are also wild flowers blooming in the hills.  Some knowledgeable people say their favorite is visiting wine country in the spring.

4.) The Crowds Aren't Here Yet.

In summer, there can be hordes of tourists in wine country.  The main road up through the valley can become congested with a steady stream of cars, and popular tasting rooms are packed with people.  For a trip to wine country, spring will give you a more relaxed and intimate visit.  You may still find quite a few people there on weekends, but if you can take a weekday trip, you'll find far fewer crowds.  This means you can have a relaxed conversation with the staff at a tasting room that just isn't possible when it is too crowded.

5.) It's A Perfect Time For The Outdoors.

If you want to try bicycling through wine country, then you'll find ideal temperatures in the spring.  The same applies to hiking or horseback riding.  During the summer, it can be uncomfortably hot for these outdoor pursuits, but springtime is perfect.

6.) Save With A Passport Weekend.

There are some deals available to entice people to visit wine country in the spring.  This is the time of year when you'll find passport weekends in different areas.  You purchase a passport for a flat fee, and that gives you access to free tastings at dozens of wineries.  It's an excellent way to save money and try some new wineries, too.